Leck Beck

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Leck Beck
Leck Beck - geograph.org.uk - 600756.jpg
Country United Kingdom
Part England
County Lancashire, Cumbria
Source Crag Hill
Mouth Confluence with River Lune

Leck Beck is a watercourse in Lancashire with its source on Crag Hill in Cumbria between Leck Fell and Casterton Fell.

For several kilometres near the start of its course, the water flows into the Easegill Cave System, the longest cave system in Britain (and 11th longest in the world) via 14 major sink holes to converge at a major spring at Leck Beck Head.[1]

The rising of Leck Beck Head SD660 800 was dived extensively in the 1980s and required underwater digging and the use of an air chisel to make progress.[2] The overflow for this rising, Witches Cave (Yorkshire), has been dived through a 300m sump into Witches II. A dry entrance was dug into Witches II from the surface in 2010.[citation needed]

The Beck flows through Leck, Cowan Bridge and Overtown before joining the River Lune near Nether Burrow.


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Coordinates: 54°10′N 2°36′W / 54.167°N 2.600°W / 54.167; -2.600