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For other people with the same name, see Lee Jae-won (disambiguation).
This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee.
Lee Jae-won
Born (1980-04-05) April 5, 1980 (age 34)
Origin South Korea
Genres Rap, K-pop, Hip Hop
Occupations Singer, Rapper
Years active 1996–present
Labels T.I. Story
Associated acts H.O.T, JTL
Lee Jae-won
Hangul 이재원
Revised Romanization I Jaewon
McCune–Reischauer Ri Chaewŏn

Lee Jae-won (born April 5, 1980) is a South Korean actor and singer. He was the youngest member of Korean groups H.O.T and JTL.


Further information: H.O.T and JTL


In 2005, Lee released his first solo album, No Pain, No Gain.[1][2] The album received disappointing sales. In 2007, he released his second album Lee Jae Won Vol. 1.5 the single "I'm So Hot". Again the album received disappointing sales. In 2008, he was accused of rape and was arrested. The charges were dropped 3 hours later, but because of the event, he was unable to release his next album.[3] In 2012, Jae Won released his new album in Chinese language. The album title is It's the time. It's received a positive response from fans in China. During his comeback performance, it was speculated that he will be planning to bring back the H.O.T. group to make a new album.

Military service[edit]

In 2009, Lee enlisted for his compulsory military service, where he served for 22 months at the Ministry of National Defense in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. He was discharged on 7 March 2011 [4] to an H.O.T. Reunion.



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Vol. 1 - No Pain, No Gain

  • Released: April 4, 2005
  • Tracks:
  1. No Pain, No Gain
  2. My Heart's Girl
  3. Say One
  4. Just a Memory
  5. Turn Around
  6. 돌아온 D.J
  7. 내 이름을 불러줘 (Say My Name)
  8. One Mic Soldier
  9. 불면증 (Insomnia)
  10. Hard To Believe
  11. Solitude Love

Lee Jae Won Vol. 1.5

  • Released: May 9, 2007
  • Tracks:

CD 1

  1. I'm So Hot
  2. World Is Yours
  3. 그런 남자

CD 2

  1. Say One
  2. My Heart's Girl
  3. Bow Wow
  4. Just A Memory
  5. Hard To Believe
  6. Turn Around
  7. You Got Gun
  8. No Pain, No Gain
  9. Solitude Love
  10. Jae Won's Story
  11. A Better Day
  12. 내 이름을 불러줘


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