Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf

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Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
Cover art
Developer(s) SNK
Publisher(s) SNK
Platform(s) Arcade, NES
Release date(s) 1988
Genre(s) Traditional golf simulation
Mode(s) Single-player or multiplayer

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (ファイティング ゴルフ Faitingu Gorufu?) is a one to four-player NES/arcade game released by SNK in 1988.


The player can choose between four different golfers, of which each Character has his or her own advantages and disadvantages. Lee Trevino is playable as a character named Super Mex. Other characters include Pretty Amy, Miracle Chosuke and Big Jumbo. Pretty Amy has limited range, but easier to control ("control" refers to the length of the aiming guide). Miracle Chosuke and Super Mex have average attributes. Big Jumbo has the best range, but the worst control. Despite the title, no fighting is involved in the game.

Arcade screenshot

Gameplay is relatively simplistic, but was on par with video games of the period. The player has to avoid sand traps, water hazards, rough ground and trees.

The courses range from relatively straightforward fairways to elaborate arrangements of sand traps. The two courses available for play are the United States, which consists of mostly bunkers and super rough and the Japan course, consisting of water and tight boundaries.

At the end of the game, the player is greeted with a photorealistic shot of the country club lodge against the setting sun and surrounded by trees.

Game Revolution ranked this game as #23 on the 50 Worst Video Game Names of All Time list.[1]

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