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Lefred Thouron is a cartoonist and writer born in Nancy, France in 1961.


His first cartoons were published in 1984 in Hara-Kiri. Following, his work will be published in the weekly news magazine L'événement du Jeudi, the daily Libération, 7 à Paris, La Grosse Bertha, the legendary weekly Charlie Hebdo (which he leaves in 1996 following the «Patrick Font » controversy). Having authored 20 or so books, Lefred currently works for the icon of French irreverent political press, Le Canard Enchaîné, where he is one of the chief contributors with Pétillon and Cabu; l'Équipe magazine where he publishes a weekly page that covers sports news; Fluide Glacial where he contributes humorous illustrations, cartoons, articles and photo-stories.

As a writer, Lefred Thouron has collaborated with Yan Lindingre on « Les carottes sont crues », a spoof on the "organic" craze, has brought back to life "The Adventures of Super-Dupont" with Gotlib and Solé in the magazine Fluide Glacial, and above all, has worked with Diego Aranega to produce « Casiers Judiciaires », slices of life in a provincial courthouse, recently published as a collection by Dargaud.



Le Canard Enchaîné, L’Équipe Magazine, Fluide Glacial, La Décroissance, CQFD, Libération, etc.

Books and collections[edit]


  • Casiers Judiciaires (artwork by Diego Aranega)


  • Œuvres complètes, tome 8 (houit)
  • Manger est bon
  • Nos animaux les bêtes
  • Étons modernes

Fluide Glacial[edit]

  • Soyons sports dans l’effort
  • Le sport bourse pleine
  • Je suis gland
  • Ich bin vraiiiment gland
  • Superdupont

Hors Collection[edit]

  • Ana-Gangné

Canal+ éditions[edit]

  • 600 blagues de Sport (with Eric Bayle)


  • Les 5000 meilleurs dessins de Lefred Thouron
  • Gros Congé
  • Toi & Moi
  • Poulet pur porc

Les Requins Marteaux[edit]

  • Les carottes sont crues (artwork by Lindingre)


  • Aimémé Jacquet, droit au but par la diagonale

Albin Michel[edit]

  • Bernadette, priez pour nous

Editions du Layeur[edit]

  • Et puis c’est comme ça