Left Front (India)

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DSP-meeting in Kolkata
West Bengal Left Front Committee meeting for solidarity with Tripura
Tableaux in Trivandrum

The Left Front is an alliance of Indian left-wing parties. After a 34-year reign in West Bengal, the Left Front was swept from power in the 2011 election. It governed Tripura from 1978 to 1988, and, in 1993, the Left Front returned to power there. It was in power in Kerala for more than 30 years in different time periods.

West Bengal Left Front[edit]

In West Bengal the following parties are parts of the Left Front:

The convenor of the West Bengal Left Front committee is Biman Bose, a politburo member of the CPI(M).

Tripura Left Front[edit]

In Tripura, the following parties are members of Left Front:

The convenor of the Tripura Left Front committee is Khagen Das, a central committee member of the CPI(M).

Kerala Left Democratic Front[edit]

In Kerala, a formation of left parties led by the CPI(M) called the Left Democratic Front is the opposition group in the Kerala State Assembly.