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Lega Nord Liguria
Secretary Sonia Viale
President Francesco Bruzzone
Founded 1989
Ideology Federalism
National affiliation Lega Nord
Politics of Liguria
Political parties
Proposed flag of Liguria by Lega Nord Liguria
Historical party flag of Lega Nord Liguria

Lega Nord Liguria (English: Northern League Liguria) is a regionalist political party in Liguria. It has joined Lega Nord in 1991 and, since then, it has functioned as its "national" (hence, regional) section in the region. The party's current national secretary is Sonia Viale.


The party was founded in the 1980s by Bruno Ravera as Ligurian Union (Uniun Ligure). In this capacity, it participated to the 1989 European Parliament election as part of the coalition Lega Lombarda – Alleanza Nord. In 1989–1990 it took part in the process of federating the Northern regionalist parties, ahead of the regional elections. In February 1991 it was one of the founding members of Lega Nord, taking the current name, and since then it has been the "national" section of that party in Liguria.

At the 1992 general election LNL obtained 14.3% of the vote,[1] which, after more than 20 years, remains its best result.

The Ligurian section played a big role in the federal party since the beginning. In 1993 Maurizio Balocchi, an early activist along with Ravera, was appointed federal administrative secretary (i.e. treasurer). In February 2010, after the sudden death of Balocchi, Francesco Belsito, Ligurian and close aide of Balocchi, was appointed in his place.[2][3][4] LNL has also been represented in Silvio Berlusconi's governments by Sergio Cappelli (1994–1995), Balocchi (2001–2006, 2008–2010), Belsito (2010–2012), and Sonia Viale (2010–2012).

Over the years, the party suffered several splits, including one led by Ravera, who was welcomed back in 1998 and declared "president for life". In 2001 a group of keen separatists led by Vincenzo Matteucci formed the Ligurian Independence Movement (MIL).

In the 2010 regional election LNL gained 10.2% of the vote and had for the first time three regional councillors.[5]

In April 2012 Belsito was charged of money-laundering, embezzlement and fraud at the expenses of the federal party[6] and was thus expelled.[7] Being Belsito a Ligurian, the scandal hit LNL and its leadership. Francesco Bruzzone, who had been national secretary since 1998, decided to step down after that he was asked to do so by leading members of the party.[8] Viale secured the support of 80% of delegates (115 votes) in a party congress, against the 20% (28) of her opponent Giacomo Chiappori, and was elected in his place.[9][10]

Popular support[edit]

Lega Nord Liguria has suffered a steady decline in term of votes since 1992, but it has recently re-gained some clout. LNL is usually stronger in the western part of the region, indeed in the 2010 regional election it got 11.9% of the vote in the Province of Imperia, 13.0% in Savona, 9,5% in Genoa and 7.6% in La Spezia.

The electoral results of Lega Nord Liguria in Liguria are shown in the table below.

1990 regional 1992 general 1994 general 1995 regional 1996 general 1999 European 2000 regional 2001 general 2004 European 2005 regional 2006 general 2008 general 2009 European 2010 regional 2013 general 2014 European
6.1 14.3 11.4 6.6 10.2 3.7 4.3 3.9 4.1 4.7 3.7 6.8 9.9 10.2 2.3 5.6



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