Legacy of Rage

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Legacy of Rage
Legacy of Rage.jpg
Traditional 龍在江湖
Simplified 龙在江湖
Mandarin Lóng Zài Jiāng Hú
Cantonese Lung4 Zoi6 Gong1 Wu4
Directed by Ronny Yu
Produced by John Shum
Linda Kuk
Written by Clifton Ko
Raymond Fung
Starring Brandon Lee
Michael Wong
Regina Kent
Mang Hoi
Music by Richard Yuen
Cinematography James Chan
Poon Hang-sang
Stephen Poon
Derek Wan
Edited by Wong Yee-shun
Distributed by D&B Films Company Ltd
Release dates
  • 20 December 1986 (1986-12-20)
Running time
86 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Legacy of Rage (Chinese: 龍在江湖) is a 1986 Hong Kong action film directed by Ronny Yu, starring Brandon Lee, Michael Wong, Regina Kent and also features a cameo appearance by Bolo Yeung who appeared in Brandon's father Bruce Lee's last film Enter the Dragon. This was Brandon Lee's first leading role in a film (he made his acting debut with a supporting role in the television film Kung Fu: The Movie earlier that year) and the only Hong Kong production he starred in.


Brandon Ma (Brandon Lee) is a regular guy with a job and a girlfriend May (Regina Kent). He has two jobs, so he can support his girlfriend and his dream of owning a motorcycle. Brandon's best friend is Michael Wan (Michael Wong), an ambitious and murderous drug dealer. How Brandon and Michael ever became friends is the biggest mystery ever. In any case, Michael also loves May and so he comes up with a plan that will win her for himself and get Brandon out of his way. Soon he comes up with a plan using a corrupt police officer named Sharky. (Chung Liu) It seems that the corrupt cop has been using his police connections to dominate the local cocaine trade, so Michael has him killed and uses Brandon as the fall guy. Brandon goes to jail and meets Hoi (Mang Hoi), although he thinks that he will be released soon thanks to the efforts of his good buddy Michael. However, after 8 long years Brandon finally gets out of jail and vows revenge on Michael for betraying their friendship and stealing the love of his life. Whilst out of prison he learns that May has had his son. With the help of an inmate he meets in prison, Brandon tracks down Michael. Whilst engaging his guards he learns that May is dead. After killing Michael's guards, Brandon confronts and kills his former friend Michael. The movie ends with Brandon bidding farewell to his friend (whom he met while in prison and who aided him in fighting Michael's guards) and leaving with his son.


Home media[edit]

After Brandon Lee's untimely death in an accidental shooting during the filming of the 1994 film The Crow, movies such as Legacy of Rage saw a surge in video sales.[1]


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