Legally Blondes

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Legally Blondes
Directed by Savage Steve Holland
Produced by David Brookwell
Sean McNamara
Reese Witherspoon
Marc Platt
David Buelow
Irene Dreayer
Jennifer Simpson
David Grace
Written by Chad Creasey
Dara Resnik
Based on Characters 
by Amanda Brown
Starring Milly Rosso
Becky Rosso

Christopher Cousins
Brittany Curran
Bobby Campo
Music by John Coda
Cinematography William D. Barber
Edited by Cindy Parisotto
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
  • April 28, 2009 (2009-04-28)
Running time
86 min
Country United States
Language English

Legally Blondes (also known as Legally Blonde 3) is a 2009 film of the Legally Blonde series from MGM.[1] Elle Woods, previously played by Reese Witherspoon, does not appear in the film, but is mentioned several times. Witherspoon produced the film. The film aired on ABC Family and Disney Channel, and is directed towards a younger audience than the first two films. The film stars Camilla and Rebecca Rosso as Elle Woods' British twin cousins.


Starting in Great Britain, Isabelle "Izzy" and Annabelle "Annie" Woods are introduced as clever twin girls with a love for pink like their cousin, Elle Woods. They and their widowed father are moving to Southern California where they will be staying in Elle's home. Awaiting the girls are a pair of chihuahua dogs, their giddiness is cut short when they find out they are going to attend Pacific Preparatory, a private school requiring uniforms.

Upon their first day, Izzy and Annie are registering themselves and they sign for ID cards. They also start off on the wrong foot with Tiffany Donohugh (Brittany Curran), the spoiled daughter of a primary funder of "Pac Prep." And they also meet Chris, who is almost immediately smitten with Annie.

Tiffany later apologizes for her rude behavior and befriends the twins, although she is doing it merely to "keep her enemies close." Annie and Izzy believe Tiffany to be a sweet person, though she dislikes classmates on scholarship. However, her true colors come out, when she embarrasses Annie and Izzy at a formal dance, revealing that they are on partial scholarship at the school.

Izzy and Annie rekindle their friendships with the other scholarship students, including Chris. Izzy wants to help Chris get closer to Annie, but in several instances, Annie believes Chris to like Izzy. The twins and their friends believe the uniforms are stifling their creativity and they redo their clothing while still cleverly abiding by the school's many rules.

Chris and Izzy are later accused of cheating on a big history test and they all set out to prove the school wrong. Izzy and Annie suspect Tiffany and Justin are behind this and find that Chris and Tiffany have the same backpack that comes with a lock and key. In Chris's locked zipper he keeps a master-key, that opens all doors in the school, for his work-studies to help pay off his scholarship. They discover that all the keys and locks for the backpacks are the same, any key will open any lock. On the floor of the teacher's private office, where the answer key is kept, they discover red markings that match the marks that Justin's expensive shoes create. Tiffany told Justin the uber code to access the answers to the test.

With this new piece of information, Annie and Izzy set to prove Izzy's innocence. In student court, Annie poses as Izzy when she is locked in the bathroom by Justin, and defeats her fear of public speaking. Even as Izzy escapes and returns to the court, Annie points out that Justin owns a new cell phone, one that has not yet been released to the public, and could only have gotten from one person, the daughter of the creator, Tiffany Donohugh. Justin, who is irritated by noises such as pencils being sharpened and pen clicks, struggles to hold himself together as the entire courtroom click their pens. He finally admits to framing Chris and Izzy and Tiffany admits to being in on it too, though she protests that she cannot be punished since her father is a major funder of the school. Despite this, Headmistress Elsa Higgins expels them both.

At the end of the movie, Annie and Chris dance together at a school dance and Izzy does the same with Brad (a secret scholarship student who assisted the twins in student court by ringing Justin's phone). As for Tiffany and Justin, they are apparently cut off from their wealth (as punishment from their respective parents) and are seen boarding a rowdy student-filled bus and whisked off to public school, much to their horror.

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  • "This Is Me" performed by Savvy & Mandy
  • "It's Up To Me" performed by Cathy Heller
  • "Gaoti Raga" performed by The New Indians
  • "Just a Girl" performed by Bexy
  • "Welcome to the Party" performed by Molly M
  • "Super Secret Agent Girl" performed by The Mona Lisa's
  • "Swing Hard" performed by Steve Multer and Karen A. Muller
  • "Come On Come On" performed by Joey Sykes
  • "Hey Now" performed by Buddah Belly
  • "Ordinary Superstar" performed by Danielle McKee
  • "Without You" performed by Lewis LaMedica
  • "Gave It Away" performed by Sleestack
  • "Rigamarole" performed by BTK
  • "Who I Am" performed by Danielle McKee
  • "This Time - It's Mine" performed by Britney Christian
  • "Lucky Girl" performed by Rebecca "Becky" and Camilla "Milly" Rosso
  • "It's a Girl's World" performed by Tabitha Fair
  • "Dance All Nite" performed by The Raymies


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