Legendary (Zao album)

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Greatest hits album by Zao
Released December 17, 2003
Recorded Trax East, New Jersey
Genre Metalcore
Label Solid State/Tooth & Nail/EMI
Producer Eric Rachel and Zao
Zao chronology
All Else Failed (re-release)
The Funeral of God

Legendary is a "best of" album by metalcore band Zao. It was released on December 17, 2003 on Solid State/Tooth & Nail/EMI. It is the eighth album by the group. The last three songs are previously unreleased studio demos with Corey Darst on vocals. "The Icarus Complex" appeared on This is Solid State Vol.3.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Skin Like Winter"
  2. "Five Year Winter"
  3. "A Fall Farewell"
  4. "Suspend/Suspension"
  5. "Walk On By, Walk On Me"
  6. "Ravage Ritual"
  7. "Times of Separation"
  8. "Savannah"
  9. "The Race of Standing Still"
  10. "Free the Three"
  11. "Angel Without Wings"
  12. "Ember"
  13. "The Ghost Psalm"
  14. "Trashcanhands (Keyboard Cowards)"
  15. "The Icarus Complex [demo]"
  16. "One Last Time [demo]"
  17. "All Dressed Up (With No Place to Go) [demo]"


  • Dan Weyandt – vocals
  • Scott Mellinger – guitar, bass
  • Russ Cogdell – guitar, bass
  • Jesse Smith – drums, guitar, vocals
  • Rob Horner – bass
  • Brett Detar – guitar, bass
  • Shawn Jonas – vocals
  • Roy Goudy – guitar
  • Mic Cox – bass
  • Corey Darst – vocals


  • "Zao were quite literally one of the first few heavy bands to truly break out of the Christian underground scene and gain the attention and admiration of secular audiences... From their humbly loose hardcore beginnings to their overpowering metal meets death grind days, all the way to their progressive almost Neurosis like moments, the group have never been afraid to push themselves and 'Legendary' isn't afraid to show it... A fitting tribute to one of the underground's greats." — ThePRP.com