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Legends of Chima
Legends of Chima logo.png
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Genre Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
Voices of David Attar
Bethany Brown
Bill Courage
Jesse Inocalla
Megan Kinsley
Michael Patric
Scott Shantz
Jeff Evans Todd
Theme music composer Finley
Composer(s) Anthony Lledo
Country of origin Thailand, India, Denmark (animation)
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 41 (26 aired)
Executive producer(s) Torsten Jacobsen, Mads Munk, Kenneth D. Plummer[1]
Producer(s) Sean Feeney
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) M2Film
Prime Focus
Distributor Cartoon Network
Original channel Cartoon Network[2][3]
Original run January 16, 2013 – present
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Legends of Chima is a television series based on LEGO Legends of Chima series of LEGO sets.


Chima is a pristine land filled with tribes consisting of various anthropomorphic animals, including the Lions, Crocodiles, Eagles, Gorillas, Wolves, Ravens, Rhinos, Bears, Beavers, Scorpions, Spiders, Bats, Saber-Tooth Tigers, Mammoths, Vultures, Phoenixes, Leopards, and other animals.

Season One[edit]

The world of Chima is a magical land ruled by tribes of highly advanced animals. These creatures walk and talk like humans. They drive vehicles, use machinery, and live in amazing castles and forts. But make no mistake about it: these are animals with claws, fangs, tails, and sometimes wings. And now they are engaged in a full scale conflict. Once a pristine, natural paradise, the land of Chima has become a battle ground for the animal tribes. Best friends are now worst enemies. Weaponry pummels the once-sacred temples. Animalistic vehicles charge furiously at each other in jungle jousts. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called Chi, a power that is both a source of life and holds the potential for destruction. Only a few brave heroes in Chima understand the true nature of Chi and its importance. Their stories, and the stories of those who seek to conquer the Chi, are known as "The Legends of Chima."

Season Two[edit]

With Mount Cavora and the Chi imperiled, warriors from the eight main tribes of Chima have to join forces on a mission into the Outlands to rescue the Legend Beasts who have been captured by the Crawlers (consisting of the Bats, Scorpions, and Spiders). The Legend Beasts are the only hope of saving Mount Cavora and its Chi.

Season Three[edit]

It's been a month since the Crawlers defeat, and Chima is at peace once again. But Sir Fangar and the Ice Hunters are about to bring the Ice Age on Chima. Laval and his friends must find the Legendary Fire Tribes and unlock the new Fire CHI power to turn up the heat and stop the Ice Hunters from plunging Chima into frozen wasteland.it will are on august 9


Lion Tribe[edit]

The Lion Tribe resides in the Lion Temple at the base of Mount Cavora where they equally distribute the Chi to all the Animal Tribes. The Lion Tribe's government consists of a monarch and the Council of Elders. The Lion Tribe's vehicles, buildings, and monuments are often colored in an orange-yellow with brown manes and tan accents.

  • Laval - He is the Prince of the Lion Tribe and the main protagonist of the series. As the series progresses, he is shown to be more wiser. He is courageous, adventurous, headstrong and often gets into trouble, especially since he's responsible for the existence of the Dark Tribes. He lived in exile for less than a day, but he returned to help his father. He gave Scorm the orb of CHI that accidentally awakened Sir Fangar, thus making Laval himself responsible. In Episode 31, he fell in love with Li'ella at first sight. He gets nervous around her especially since Tormak is her adopted father.
  • Lagravis - He is the King of the Lion Tribe, the father of Laval, and the brother of Lavertus.
  • Longtooth - He is an older warrior of the Lion Tribe with scars and scratches.
  • Lennox - He is a brave warrior and foot soldier of the Lion Tribe.
  • Leonidas - He is a brave warrior member of the Lion Tribe and cannot do two things at a time.
  • Lothar - He is an Elder Lion of the Lion Tribe.
  • Lavertus - He is Lagravis' brother and Laval's uncle and one of the greatest lion warriors. When Laval was a cub, Lavertus was exiled for a CHI-stealing crime that Crominus framed him for using a Persuader Plant. Years later, Lavertus returns under the alias of "ShadoWind" to gain more Golden Chi for his Outland-base, and help Chima. When the eight warriors come to the Outlands, in search of the Legend Beasts, Lavertus provides them with shelter, assistance, armor, and weapons. He is presumably killed by a rockfall during the final battle against Scorm when he stayed behind to use his Golden Chi to allow the others to escape. Crominus later confessed his involvement with Lavertus' "crimes" to Lagravis. In Episode 27, his helmet is seen frozen. This could foreshadow his return.
  • Li'ella - She is the only known female lion and a Cat Guide of the Fire Tribes. In "The Crescent", Laval shows to have a slight crush on her. Tormak is her adopted father and he doesn't approve of Laval. She think's that some male lions are cute. Sir Fangar wants Li'ella to become his Queen.

Eagle Tribe[edit]

The Eagle Tribe live in the Eagle Spire. The Eagle Spire has no windows, doors, or streets because Eagles can fly, making it unnecessary. They are known to fly without vehicles and be analytical. Although the Eagle Tribe has a ruling council, everyone in their tribe is extremely equal, making it a rule to share everything with everyone. The Eagle Tribe's vehicles are colored blue and white with yellow beaks.

  • Eris - She is the Princess of the Eagle Tribe and a close friend of Laval. She helps him in his quest to protect the chi in all the land. Many inhabitants in Chima often see her and Laval as a couple, both which they flatly deny it although they might have a crush on each other since she goes for a joy ride with him in "The Joy Ride", hugs Laval passionately when he escaped the Gorge of Eternal Depth and dances with him at the end of "Balancing Act" but in "Laval In Exile" when Laval gets exiled reluctantly, Eris is taking it the hardest as she has trouble saying goodbye to him due to tears and she only starts crying and running to hug him when Laval says he'll miss her the most, when he comes back at the end, Eris is seen excitedly flying towards him tackling him in a hug only for both to be knocked to the ground laughing. They may become a couple sometime in season 2 or 3. In "Foxtrot", she found out Rogon is in love with her, which she was uncomfortable with until she started returning the feelings in "Ravens vs Eagles" though she still gets teased by Laval about it. But in "Chima Falls", she got mad at Rogon for fighting Laval and (despite the fact that they weren't dating) broke up with him although she continues to have some feelings for him in Season 2. In Season 2, Eris is introduced to Rinona, a female rhino. She constantly protects Rogon and protects him, making Eris jealous. In Episode 27, she starts to have visions about the Fluminox and the Phoenix Tribe. Seeing what his temple looks like, she has been desperate to meet him.
  • Ewald - He is the King of the Eagle Tribe's ruling council and Eris' father. He wears a white and dark blue robe. Eris says that he speaks like a chicken. He is worried about Eris's visions.
  • Elkar - He is an elder of the Eagle Tribe.
  • Equila - He is the Speedorz tournament announcer that wears red sunglasses. He annoyed Lagravis when he first showed up at a Speedorz tournament and stole his spotlight as announcer.
  • Eglor - He is the dark blue member and soldier of the Eagle Tribe with a red monocle who is good with inventing new high-technology gadgets.
  • Ewar - He is a member and soldier of the Eagle Tribe.

Gorilla Tribe[edit]

The Gorilla Tribe are known to have a passion for flowers and fruits. They live in the Gorilla Forest. They often say the word "dude." Their homes hang from trees and are made from fruit. The Gorillas pilot giant Mechs which probably only they know how to use. Gorzan's best explanation is to meditate and to become one with the machine, but it doesn't help at all. The Gorillas have a rivalry against the Crocodiles in Season 1, especially Crooler.

  • Grumlo - The leader of the gorilla tribe who is also member of the elder council.
  • Gorzan - He is the Prince of the Gorilla Tribe and befriends with Laval and Eris. He is often seen in his Gorilla Striker walking around Chima. He loves flowers.
  • G'Loona - She is a member of the Gorilla Tribe who is an orphan girl that looks up to Gorzan. In the episode "The Hundred Year Moon," she was captured by Crooler and was used the lure Laval, Eris, Gorzan and Skinnet out to save her during the night when the Wolves went crazy due to the Hundred Year Moon, and is also seen that she adores flowers as she collects them in a basket and wears one in her hair. She is friends with Skinnet, Wonald and Furty.
  • Gompsy - He is a member of the Gorilla Tribe.
  • Grizzam - He is the white gorilla warrior of the Gorilla Tribe.
  • Gornay - He is a reddish-brown foot soldier of the Gorilla Tribe who leads the other Gorilla Warriors into battle.

Crocodile Tribe[edit]

The Crocodile Tribe reside in the Swamps of Chima hideout which is the source of a gas that can be used in conjunction with a gel to create a torch-weapon. The vehicles used by the Crocodile Tribe often use olive green as a base color with transparent red windshields, if any, with accents of dark red. In the quest for legend beasts all their blasters and weapons have turned blue.

  • Crominus - He is the King of the Crocodile Tribe, the husband of Queen Crunket, the father of Cragger and Crooler. Crominus hasn't really seen eye-to-eye with the Lion Tribe and was an old friend of Lagravis. King Crominus (and Queen Crunket) fell into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, inside the Crocodile tank during a battle with the Lions in the Fangs. Cragger (via hypnosis of Crooler's flower to do want she wants him to do there) accused and declared war on the Lion tribe of being behind this. Cragger became the King of the Crocodile Tribe. Crominus survived the fall into the Gorge of Eternal Depth and has found the "Pledge of the Pack" document that Crooler had thrown down there. Cragger has been having recurring dreams where his parents are asking him to find a way to get them out of the Gorge of Eternal Depth yet can't get any full details since he is woken up when they try to give them the details. He has been captured prisoner of the Dark Tribes. He was responsible for framing Lavertus for a crime using a Persuader Plant which resulted in his exile. Following the Dark Tribe's defeat, Crominus confessed to using a Persuader Plant to manipulate Lavertus' crime. Lagravis manages to forgive Crominus. During the threat of the Ice Hunters, Crominus and Crunket become frozen prisoners of Sir Fangar.
  • Crunket - She is the Queen of the Crocodile Tribe, the wife of Crominus, and the mother of Cragger and Crooler. Crunket (and Crominus) fell down into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, inside the Crocodile tank which was causing Cragger (under Crooler's Persuader Plant to do what she wants him to do there) to accuse the Lion Tribe of them in being behind this and declared war on them. Due to Crominius and Crunket being presumed dead at the time, Cragger becomes King of the Crocodile Tribe. Having recurring dreams where his parents are asking him to find a way to get them out of the Gorge of Eternal Depth yet can't get any full details since he is woken up when they try to give them the details. Laval and ShadoWind find her alongside Crocodile Legend Beast and reunited her with the Crocodile Tribe. She tells them that all the tribes must band together to find the remaining Legend Beasts to save Chima. Cragger, even at his age, still refers to her as "mommy". Following the Dark Tribes' defeat, Crunket was reunited with Crominus. Queen Crunket loved Lavertus in This May Sting A Bit, she still has feelings for him. During the threat of the Ice Hunters, Crunket and Crominus become frozen prisoners of Sir Fangar.
  • Cragger - He is the Prince of the Crocodile Tribe, the son of Crominus and Crunket, and the twin brother of Crooler. After being manipulated by his sister Crooler to do what she wants him to do, he sought dominion over Chima and its Chi. He became the King of the Crocodile Tribe after the Crocodile tank that was carrying his parents fell down the Gorge of Eternal Depth. He was best friends with Laval until "The Great Story", where he turned against Laval because he was being hypnotised by Crooler's persuader plant to do as she wishes for him to do whatever she wants, which was for him to destroy the Lions, mainly Laval and Lagravis, (and their allies). He was an enemy of Laval until Crooler deems him useless teaming up with the Wolves to steal the Chi. Cragger finds them stealing the Chi, (and figures out the effect of her plant in the meantime) and is outnumbered by Chi powered Wolves, before Laval comes and helps him fight against the wolves. Crooler then throws the "Pledge of the Pack" document down the Gorge of Eternal Depth. After this, Cragger kicks Crooler out of the Croc Swamp Hideout. After he was rescued from the Wolf Tribe, Cragger's friendship with Laval was temporarily restored following the Fake Chi incident. However, at a new peace treaty, Crooler caused Cragger to believe his destiny was to take over Chima, and had Crooler imprisoned. After seemingly killing Laval, he turns good, becomes friends with Laval again and tries to call off the war. When Laval returns on the Crocodile Legend Beast, he reunites with his mother. He joins Laval in the quest for legend beasts. He wields a weapon used by his father called the Scale Ripper, being a blaster while having two blades on the side for close combat.
  • Crooler - She is the Princess of the Crocodile Tribe and the main, true antagonist for Season 1. Although she is the de facto leader of the Crocodile Tribe currently there, which is in thanks to her in mind-controlling her brother, Cragger, for him to do what she wants him to do (thus making him her mind slave), so she acts like as though she is the Queen — however illegitimately in nature — of the Crocodile Tribe, the daughter of Crominus and Crunket, and the twin sister of Cragger. She is the actual mastermind of the Crocodiles' plans, hence her de facto leadership status of the Crocodile Tribe, since she used a hypnotic flower to force Cragger into starting a war against the Lions. Later, in "Foxtrot", she betrays Cragger by her (along with Worriz) throwing the "Pledge of the Pack" document down the Gorge of Eternal Depth to destroy Cragger's power over the Wolves. She is kicked out of the Croc Swamp Hideout in the following episode, after her Persuader Plant (a hypnotic flower) dried out and lost its effect. Since then, Crooler has schemed to find a way to regain control of the Crocodile Tribe with plans to take over Chima. During "Laval in Exile" Crooler reveals she is in fact Cragger's OLDER sister, (Revealed to Lagravis) having hatched first, and should be the ruler of the tribe, but during her hatching, she knocked her brother's egg from the nest. Crominus and Crunket rushed to the fallen egg and were relieved when Cragger hatched, apparently unharmed, completely missing their already out of her shell daughter (You can see the fallen egg has a slight crack in it, revealing why Cragger has lost his eye). Ever since, Crooler felt like she was in the shadow of her "miracle" brother, explaining most of her actions. In "A Tangled Web", it is shown that Crooler is still obsessed with power. In "The Legend Thief," she even asks the Spiders about working together. They escaped from their chains and chained her up instead.
  • Crug - He is one of Cragger's two lead henchmen, is brown in color, has a lower jaw of his mouth that is made of metal, and is a big strong member of the Crocodile Tribe. He serves as the second-in-command to Crawley, and is always seen with him. Crug's favorite snack is Crooler's persuader plants (despite the fact that they are rare and nearly extinct plants).
  • Crawley - He is one of Cragger's two lead henchmen, is olive green in color and leads Cragger's Crocodile Warriors into battle. He is a quick and nervous member of the Crocodile Tribe, but is far smarter than Crug.

Wolf Tribe[edit]

The Wolf Tribe is a nomadic tribe that has little need for a leader because as a pack they all think similarly. However, they do choose one wolf to handle negotiations with "the others" they come in contact with. The Wolf Tribe is destructive and several of their members are known for loving to inflict pain. They hate acting nice as seen in "Crocodile Tears." The Wolf Tribe's vehicles are colored in greys, black, and dark red. In the Quest For The Legend Beasts season, all their lasers and weapons have turned blue.

  • Worriz - He is the alpha male (but is more like a diplomat) of the Wolf Tribe and is an ally to Cragger until he betrays him in "Foxtrot" by him turning his back on the "Pledge of the Pack" commitment to the Crocodile Tribe. In "The Chi Jackers" it is revealed that he has a crush on Windra. Worriz was stubborn and gave direct orders to his tribe when it comes to destroying the other tribes and stealing chi in Season 1. He joins Laval in his quest to free the Legend Beasts from the Crawlers in order to restart Mt. Cavora.
  • Wilhurt - He is a black colored soldier and member of the Wolf Tribe and acts like Worriz's second in command. He needs to be kept occupied there so he doesn't go reckless on the other wolves. He is the most aggressive during battle and persuasive during times of peace.
  • Windra - She is a white colored, female member of the Wolf Tribe. She pilots the Wolfcoptor. As shown in "Legends of Chima Online", she has no affection what so ever for Worriz and ignores him when he starts to flirt with her.
  • Wakz - He is the cunning elder of the Wolf Tribe. Wakz's beard gives him a distinctive feature.
  • Winzar - He is a ferocious foot soldier member of the Wolf Tribe who has big scars over his left eye. He can't stand being nice. In "The Hundred Year Moon", it is shown that even his smile strikes fear to everyone.
  • Wonald - He is a young child member of the Wolf Tribe. He's the only vegetarian and nice wolf pup which makes him an outsider to the tribe. The effects of the Hundrend Year Moonlight gives him incredible speed, strength, and an endless hunger. His hunger helped Laval, Eris, and G'Loona defend the Gorilla's home (despite the fact Wonald nearly devoured it)

Raven Tribe[edit]

The Raven Tribe is the sneakiest tribe in Chima and reside in the Raven's Junkyard like city in the desert. They all act like thieves and they have an attraction to shiny objects. The vehicles of the Raven Tribe are often gliders coloured black, dark red, and purple. They usually call others, my friend.

  • Razar - He is the Prince of the Raven Tribe and will ally himself to anyone with the right price tag, regardless if it is right or wrong in morality. He is a smooth talker who will trick anyone and everyone (even his allies the Wolves and Crocodiles) into giving away their possessions, so he is a master con-artist. Therefore, he is extremely greedy in character and personality though it sometimes blinds him into getting him and the ravens into a mess like in the webisode "Good Fixers" and "The Black Cloud". But as being leader of the Ravens, he is willing to put his tribe before his own safety; he never misses a day without selling something though ever since "Ravens vs Eagles" he highly embarrassed whenever he thinks about it. The only one who knows about this is Eris, who promised not to tell anyone if he and the Ravens never invades the Eagle Spire. Razar cares about the other tribes since they are the Ravens "valued customers" and will never try to destroy any tribes. The only real friends he have are Rascal and Rizzo; his relationship with the other young warriors outside the ravens, are sometimes highly suspicious of him for his 'generous' offers. Razar accompanies Laval in the quest to free the Legend Beasts from the Crawlers.
  • Rawzom - He is the unofficial King of the Raven Tribe, He will do anything for weapons. He is a member of Chima's Elder Council as seen in "Crocodile Tears." He rarely speaks in the animated series though he does talk in "Good Fixers" when Bevar generously offer to "fix" them but to the Ravens it is a threat. It is currently unknown if he is in fact Razar's father or his relationship with him but he is often seen with him along with Razcal.
  • Razcal - He is the accountant of the Raven Tribe who is very greedy as Razar but also seems to be his conscious as well. Rascal is good with numbers and often calculates their stock whenever they go sell. Razcal is always seen with Razar and sometimes questions on his decisions but still goes with it, even if it risky. He leads some packs in the Raven Tribe.
  • Rizzo - He is the leader of some packs of the Raven Tribe. He looks almost close to a cyborg but still have features of a Raven. He fears the Beaver Tribe after he is offered to be fixed in the webisode "Good Fixers."
  • Ripnik - He is the Master Thief of the Raven Tribe. Therefore the other Ravens have him steal things from other tribes when it is more difficult to do so because of the said things that are about to be stolen by the Ravens from other tribes are well-guarded by the said tribes, such as the Wolves' most prized possession the Mother Tooth of the Mother Wolf. He also leads some packs of the Raven Tribe.

Bear Tribe[edit]

The Bear Tribe is one of the tribes of Chima that are allied with the Lions. The Bear Tribe are very sleepy and can sleep under any circumstances. Because of this, they sleep through many battles and even fall asleep during Speedorz races. As such, the other tribes often consider them to be lazy. In fact, the Bears are able to use sleep to enter a dream world that allows them to communicate with each other and the Bear Legend Beast.

  • Balkar - He is the King of the Bear Tribe. Due to this, he is a member of Chima's Elder Council.
  • Bladvic - He is the Prince of the Bear tribe. He is a friend of Laval. He almost always sleeps in Chima, and he thinks that anyone who is whispering to him is shouting in volume even though he does ignore loud sounds. He is friends with Laval, Eris, Gorzan, Cragger, Buber, Dom de la Woosh, Lavertus, and Skinnet. In "The CHI Jackers", he believes that a nap makes everything better. Bladvic surprisingly has great strength, even after he spends most of his time sleeping. Ironically, his true destiny was revealed; he was very fast and could not stop running. He accompanies Laval in the quest for the legend beasts.
  • Bungey - He is a member of the Bear Tribe.
  • Bumpy - He is a member of the Bear Tribe.
  • Bozy - He is a member of the Bear Tribe.
  • Buchuma - He is a member of the Bear Tribe.

Rhino Tribe[edit]

The Rhino Tribe is the dumbest tribe in Chima. They reside in a quarry where they are known to bash rocks. The Rhinos don't know that the world is made of rocks, and they think that rocks can make them rich. It has also been shown that the Rhinos can be bribed to anyone's side by giving them rocks. It is also revealed in "The Joy Ride" that the Rhinos fight each other when they are excited, which Lagravis never understood.

  • Rhigor - Rhigor is a member of Chima's Elder Council which means that he is the leader of the Rhino Tribe.
  • Rogon - He is the Prince the Rhino Tribe, who has a big romantic crush on Eris in "Foxtrot", much to her uneasiness with this, and who will do anything to protect her from harm. They ended up breaking up (despite the fact that they weren't dating) when Cragger bribed the Rhino Tribe into helping the Crocodile Tribe. In season 2, he has became intelligent due to when he is near the Rhino Legend Beast. In season 3, he still has his Boulder Boomer.
  • Rinona - She is a female member of the Rhinoceros Tribe. She is far more intelligent then the rest of her tribe. Eris thought she was competing for Rogon's heart, but in "This May Sting a Bit" she is revealed to be Rogon's sister leaving Eris embarrassed.
  • Runk - He is a foot soldier and brawler member of the Rhinoceros Tribe.
  • Rukus - He is a foot soldier and brawler member of the Rhinoceros Tribe.

Beaver Tribe[edit]

The Beaver Tribe act like squirrels and are construction workers and are always working on their dam. They are very strange as the thought of having a vacation from work is horrible to them. Although the Beaver Tribe are neutral during the various conflicts occurring in Chima, but they have helped out the Lion Tribe on different occasions. The Beavers did not accompany Laval to find the Legend Beasts, but the Beaver Legend Beast was not needed to restart Mount Cavora.

  • Bezar - He is the apparent leader of the Beaver Tribe who is white in color. He is also a member of Chima's Elder Council.
  • Buber - He is a foreman worker and warrior member of the Beaver Tribe who is brown and white in color. He loves to fix things and do any other kind of work.
  • Bubic - He is a foreman worker and warrior member of the Beaver Tribe who is brown and white in color. He also likes to fix things and do any kind of work.
  • Bunic - He is a member of the Beaver Tribe.

The Dark Tribes[edit]

The Dark Tribes are the result of the Crocodiles' Chi Orbs that Laval threw into a gorge exposing a bunch of Scorpions, Bats, and Spiders. They were responsible for capturing the Legend Beasts and Crominus. As revealed in "Fire Dreams" and a webisode, there are a few Dark Tribes remaining when the Ice Hunters came into view.

Scorpion Tribe[edit]

The Scorpion Tribe appears to be the leading tribe of the Dark Tribes. They have some sort of venom in their tails which allows them to control minds. They used it to control the Raven and Wolf Legend Beast. Razar described the venom of the Scorpion Tribe to be similar to a Persuader Plant. The Scorpions believe the "Great Scorpion" dropped CHI Orbs from the sky (even though it was Laval). They worship the Great Scorpion by building a statue by using Golden CHI, stolen by the Raven Legend Beast. They ignored Cragger when he said that the Great Scorpion never existed and should serve Laval for what he provided for them. The Scorpions live in a camp in the Outlands.

  • Scorm - The King of the Scorpion Tribe. He also leads the Dark Tribes and is a rival with Laval, Cragger, and Crominus. He has a golden shell and has a small grudge against Spinlyn, the Spider Queen. At the end of "This May Sting A Bit," he throws away an orb of Chi that Laval gave him, though little did he know that the orb of Chi accidentally reanimated Sir Fangar. While exploring the caves in his Speedor, Scorm is among the Crawlers that are frozen by the Ice Hunters.
  • Scutter - A Scorpion soldier whose appearance has him almost similar to scorpion man.
  • Scrug - A dark gray Scorpian similar in appearance to Scutter except for having regular minifigure legs.
  • Scolder - He is a gray Scorpion soldier who is the general of the Scorpion Tribe.

Bat Tribe[edit]

The Bat Tribe is part of the Dark Tribes. They are the only tribe of the Dark Tribes which have wings, which enables them to fly without machines and helicopters. They are the tribe caused the Mount Cavora to stop flowing Chi. They were called the "Black Cloud" when this happened as they can split into many bats.

  • Braptor - The King of the Bat Tribe.
  • Blista - He is a warrior of the Bat Tribe.

Spider Tribe[edit]

The Spider Tribe is part of the Dark Tribes. They can spin webs from their legs and shoot them at enemies. The Spider Tribe used their webs to trap many Legend Beasts.

  • Spinlyn - The Queen of the Spider Tribe. Her appearance has her almost similar to a drider and unlike the rest of the Spider Tribe, she has eight legs. She is obsessed with her ravishing beauty. In "A Tangled Web," Spinlyn looks after the Gorilla and Rhino Legend Beast. Before battling, she goes into The Beauty Hole. When she comes out, the battle is over and a rock from Rogon's Truck hits her causing one of her fangs to break. Spinlyn cries over her perfect face being ruined and captures Plovar so she can force him to fix her broken fang. However, in "Legends of Chima Online", Spinlyn provides Plovar with her warriors to help him obtain the needed beauty products for her broken fang; Plovar was under very well conditions while he was taken captive. In "This May Sting a Bit," Plovar manages to trick Spinlyn into getting stuck in mud.
  • Sparacon - The Chief Spider Soldier which has six legs.
  • Sparratus - A Spider that has weborax and spear.

Ice Hunters[edit]

The Ice Hunters are a group of tribes that specialize in ice attacks. The Ice Tribes want to freeze all of Chima so that they can live in cold temperatures.

Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe[edit]

The Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe is the leading tribe of the Ice Hunters.

  • Sir Fangar - The cold-hearted leader of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe who has an icy left arm and an icy right leg. He is accidentally reawakened by Scorm. He along with other members the Ice Hunters are shown to know nothing about Chi. He wants Li'ella to become his Queen.
  • Stealthor - Member of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe. He has an icy right leg. He is the general of the Saber Tooth Tiger Tribe.
  • Strainor - Member of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe. He has an icy left leg. Strainor is responsible for Sykor.
  • Sykor - He is a feral member of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe chained on a leash that is owned by Strainor.

Mammoth Tribe[edit]

The Mammoth Tribe are the best warriors of the Ice Hunters.

  • Maula - The Queen of the Mammoth Tribe who has an icy right leg. She is the mother of Mungus and Mottrot.
  • Mungus - The Prince of the Mammoth Tribe. He is the biggest and strongest of the Ice Hunters strong enough to flip over Rogon's truck. Mungus is the brother of Mottrot and son of Maula. He is very childish as seen with him playing in the snow and making snow angels. Despite Mungus' childish ways, Maula favors Mungus more than Mottrot.
  • Mottrot - The Prince of the Mammoth tribe who is the son of Maula and the brother of Mungus. He has an icy left arm and an icy right leg. He competes with Mungus to be his mother's favorite.

Vulture Tribe[edit]

The Vulture Tribe are the master spies of the Ice Hunters.

  • Vardy - The leader of the Vulture Tribe who has an icy left arm. He likes crossword puzzles.
  • Voom Voom - A member of the Vulture Tribe with an icy right leg. He and Vornon have roles similar to Crug and Crawley.
  • Vornon - A member of the Vulture Tribe with an icy left arm and an icy right leg. He and Voom Voom have roles similar to Crug and Crawley.

Fire Tribes[edit]

The Fire Tribes are tribes of animals that are classed as 'teachers' or the Guardians of Chima.

Phoenix Tribe[edit]

The Phoenix Tribe is the leading tribe of the Fire Tribes. Their Phoenix Temple is located on Mount Cavora.

  • Fluminox - The King of the Phoenix Tribe. He is helping the Good Tribes by giving them Fire Chi. He his an extremely skilled fighter. He tries so hard to get his son Flinx to grow up.
  • Flinx - The young Prince of the Phoenix Tribe and Fluminox's son. Even though immortal, he still has not matured.
  • Foltrax - A member of the Phoenix Tribe. He is the captain of the Blazing Bastion.
  • Frax - A orange-feathered member of the Phoenix Tribe. He is one of the pilots under the command of Foltrax.
  • Firox - A orange-feathered member of the Phoenix Tribe with aviator goggles. He is one of the pilots under the command of Foltrax.

Cat Guides[edit]

The Cat Guides are a cat-based characters that are part of the Fire Tribes.

  • Tormak - A Tiger Cat Guide and inexplicably Li'ella's adopted father. He is a noble adviser to Fluminox. However, he strongly disapproves of Laval being in love with Li'ella.
  • Lundor - A Leopard Cat Guide. He is a historian that keeps track of all events that have occurred in Chima


The following characters are not part of any of the listed tribes:

  • Skinnet - Skinnet is a nomadic skunk who always seems to cause a stink literally at exactly the worst possible moment, which makes it extremely difficult for most other inhabitants of Chima to become friends with him. He serves as a negotiator to the Lion Tribe and the Crocodile Tribe. In "Reunion Gone Wrong," it is revealed that Skinnet is not affected by the Fog of Destiny that is conjured by Crooler. In "Laval In Exile," it was revealed that he lives on the Spiral Mountain and has been to the Outlands. Skinner is safe in the Outlands because of his unbearable smell which keeps the plants from attacking him. He provides Laval with stink bombs when he travels to the Outlands to rescue the Legend Beasts. He is friends with G'Loona, Wonald, Plovar, and Furtivo.
  • Furtivo - Furtivo is a nomadic fox. He always likes to cause mischief and blends into the crowd so he won't get caught in doing the said mischief — which is what happened in "Foxtrot" in where he created a major distraction with his mischief-making to most of the other tribes which caused a big argument amongst them, them not knowing that Furtivo was the one who was responsible for the said mischief and blamed each other instead, which had allowed Crooler and some of the Wolves to sneak into the Lion Temple and steal all the Chi within it virtually undetected until it was too late for Laval, Cragger, Eris and Rogon to stop them in time. In "Crocodile Tears," Furtivo is hired by Razar to pose as ShadoWind when Laval and Eris come looking for ShadoWind. Furtivo's involvement in this is witnessed by the real ShadoWind. He is friends with G'Loona, Skinnet and Wonald.
  • Dom de la Woosh - Dom de la Woosh is a nomadic peacock who is the second fastest Speedor rider in the history of Chima. He was originally the fastest until "The Biggest Race Ever" where ShadoWind turned out to be the fastest. Dom de la Woosh was adored by everyone in Chima, until the end of the episode where Eris did not like him when it was revealed that he worked with Cragger. Dom de la Woosh is very self-centered as he constantly compliments himself, but he is still humble.

Legend Beasts[edit]

The Legend Beasts are a group of animals that did not drink the Chi from Mount Cavora and have left Chima in where they were prophesied to return there when they are needed the most. They were all at some point captured by the Crawlers. Laval and his friends journey to the Outlands to free them so they could restart Mount Cavora's Chi falls. They restored Mount Cavora by running really fast and glowing, then turning into spirits and start flying into their respective heads on the mountain.

  • Lion Legend Beast - The Lion Legend Beast is an ordinary lion who was seen in a flashback in "The Great Story" episode, where it (among 4 other Legend Beasts) left Chima into the Outlands. It returned to the jungle where he saved Laval from drowning after he was pushed into the river by Cragger in "The Great Story" episode. The Lion Legend Beast allowed Laval to ride him when it came to fighting off the Crocodiles, Wolves, and Ravens. Unlike the other Legend Beasts, he was given armor after he was saved by Lavertus because he gave it to him after he was attacked by the Crawlers. It is the 8th and last beast to be freed. Laval helped the Lion Beast overcome its fear of water as well as his own.
  • Wolf Legend Beast - An ordinary Wolf who was seen in a flashback in "The Great Story". The mother wolf left behind a fang which the wolves refer to as the Mother Tooth. The legend of the Mother Tooth is that it will glow and light their darkest hour or when the Mother Wolf is near. In episode 6, the Mother Tooth was stolen by the Ravens, most notably Ripnik. This caused the Wolves to go mad with rage against the Eagle Tribe. It was the 7th beast to be freed. Worriz freed her by putting the Mother Tooth in her mouth purifying her from the Scorpion's sting.
  • Crocodile Legend Beast - The Crocodile Legend Beast is an ordinary crocodile who was seen in "For Chima" episode. It was found by Laval and ShadoWind, who pulled it out of a trap. Queen Crunket was also found with the Crocodile Legend Beast when it was rescued. Laval and Queen Crunket returned to Chima by riding on its back. In "Into the Outlands", it was shown that the Crocodile Legend Beast liked cupcakes and had a close connection with Lavertus. In "Tooth or Consequences," Laval rode it to free King Crominus and Cragger. Lavertus refers to him as Crocky.
  • Eagle Legend Beast - It is an ordinary, yet big Eagle that was seen in a flashback in "The Great Story" episode where it (among 4 other Legend Beasts) fled from Chima into the Outlands. It was trapped by the Crawlers but later freed by Laval, Eris, Gorzan, Bladvic, Cragger, Worriz, Razar, and Rogon. Somehow when Eris touched the Eagle, she chi-ed up without plugging an orb. It was the 5th beast to be freed. Lavertus refers to her as Beaky.
  • Gorilla Legend Beast - It is an ordinary Gorilla that was seen in a flashback in "The Great Story" episode where it (among 4 other Legend Beasts) fled from Chima into the Outlands. The Gorilla Legend Beast was freed and was outfitted with new armor amongst the others and became Gorzan's new ride. The Gorilla beast was the 2nd to be freed. The Gorilla Beast is so strong that the Spiders have to constantly spin new webs to keep it in place but the Gorilla freed itself when Gorzan chi-ed up distracting every one. Gorzan calls him the Legend Dude.
  • Bear Legend Beast - It is an ordinary Bear that was seen in a flashback in "The Great Story" episode where it (among 4 other Legend Beasts) fled from Chima into the Outlands. The 8 heroes rescued the bear from the Crawlers and was given new armor and a crown to match Bladvic's. The Bear Legend Beast was the 6th beast to be freed. They can both telepathically communicate through dreams. The Bear was captured by the Bats and balanced on a slab with the Eagle Beast's eggs. When Bladvic Chi-ed up, he fell asleep with the Bear Beast and created an avalanche by snoring loudly.
  • Rhinoceros Legend Beast - It is an ordinary Rhinoceros that was seen in a flashback in "The Great Story" episode where it (among 4 other Legend Beasts) fled from Chima into the Outlands. This Legend Beast was saved by the gang aided by Lavertus and gained new battle armor as well as a golden horn. It soon became Rogon's ride. The Rhino Legend Beast was the 3rd to be freed. Rhinos (mainly Rogon) becomes really smart (basic hyper cognativity proximatey abadox) when near this beast. Rinona did not become smarter because she did not lack intelligence. It was trapped by the Spiders in a "syncoseration mechanism" and was freed by Rogon's "simple spherical production system" (bowling).
  • Raven Legend Beast - It is an ordinary, yet big Raven that was seen in "Tooth or Consequences" episode where Razar was using it as his pet for battle when he and the others went to free the Mother Wolf, Worriz, Cragger, King Crominus and Plovar. This Raven Beast was captured by the Crawlers when Laval threw Chi into the Gorge but was eventually freed and given golden armor and a crown. The Raven beast was the 4th beast to be freed. She was controlled by the Scorpions using their sting to steal orbs of Golden Chi from Lavertus to create a statue of "The Great Scorpion in the Sky". Specifically the Raven Legend Beast because it is attracted to golden objects like the Raven tribe. It overcame the Scorpions sting when Razar covered the Scorpions with gold paint. Razar says a raven's greed is stronger than a scorpion's sting.

Other characters[edit]

The following do not fit in the category of the other tribes.

  • Plovar - He is a small plover that is obsessed with dental hygiene and drops in to clean Cragger's teeth (and sometimes even Crooler's teeth) from time to time. He has a British accent of the English variety. He "connects" Dom De La Woosh and Cragger. In "Laval in Exile," he lives at Spiral Mountain with Skinnet. In Season 2, he offers to help battle the Dark Tribes, but is kidnapped instantly, forced 'against' his will to do dental hygiene work to Spider Queen Spinlyn. In the fight against the Dark Tribes, Plovar tricked Spinlyn into getting stuck in mud.
  • Reegull - He is an Eagle/Raven hybrid as his father was an Eagle and his mother was a Raven (both kinds wouldn't accept him into their kind). Reegull has a hook for a hand, a peg for a leg, and a monocle (these are all features from both the Ravens and Eagles). He is the alchemist who created the fake Chi orbs in "Fake CHI, Real Trouble" which caused anyone that uses it to act like chickens. He never learned how to fly. Following his defeat, Laval and Cragger (who are now united as friends again) strapped 3 Bellow Plants on to his back and watched him float away towards the Outlands. Before the Bellow Plants wore off, Reegull saw what it was like to fly. He is also a main character in later missions in "Legends of Chima Online." He appears in a flashback where Crominus asks him for a Persuader Plant. It is unknown what really happened to Reegull after the Bellow Plants carried him to the Outlands.


Season 1 (2013): The Power of the Chi[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
1 "The Legend of Chima"[2] Peder Pedersen John Derevlany January 16, 2013 (2013-01-16)[2] 101 1.5
Once at peace and in a state of balance, now they are at war over Chi, a mystical energy sources which gives energy to animals and power to their mighty Vehicles The tribes have formed into two factions who now fight over the energy source.
2 "The Great Story"[2] Peder Pedersen John Derevlany January 16, 2013 (2013-01-16)[2] 102 1.5
Crooler's manipulation of her brother to launch a massive assault on Lion City to steal the CHI. Who will emerge as the victor?
3 "Warrior Within" Peder Pedersen John Derevlany March 27, 2013 (2013-03-27) 103 1.7
Cragger, who is still under the influence from the smell of the mysterious flower, tricks Laval into withholding CHI orbs meant for the Crocs, thus inflaming hostilities between the Tribes yet again. How will it end?
4 "The Joy Ride" Peder Pedersen John Derevlany July 17, 2013 104 1.6

While still under the control of the mysterious flower, Cragger blocks the flow of CHI in the Beaver lodge, and without CHI, there is no CHIMA. Who will be around to save the day this time?

Note: This episode aired before in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
5 "Market Day" Peder Pedersen[1] John Derevlany[1] July 24, 2013 105 1.6
After Laval and Eris go on a short hunt to find Laval's missing Speedor, the Golden CHI has also been stolen by the same thieves. Laval and Eris pursuit the thieves, and take back the Golden CHI. But the chase isn't over just yet...
6 "Attack on Eagle Spire" Peder Pedersen[1] John Derevlany[1] July 31, 2013 106 2.1
Cragger and Crooler hire the Wolves to attack the Eagle Spires, but things only go wrong when Lions and Ravens also become involved. With everyone but the Crocs high in the sky, who will save the Eagle Spires?
7 "The Hundred Year Moon" Peder Pedersen[1] John Derevlany[1] August 7, 2013 107 1.9
When a Purple Moon occurs, the entire Wolf Tribe goes on a deadly rage through CHIMA. Crooler sets up a death trap for Laval, Eris, Gorzan, and later, Skinnet, by sending them into the wild wolves on a rescue mission. But can they avoid the mental, deadly wolves?
8 "The Biggest Race Ever" John Derevlany[1] August 21, 2013 108 1.3
The monthly races have come around yet again. With Cragger desperate to win the Golden CHI, he puts the entire race in danger. Until a mysterious rider called ShadoWind rescues the day, but the question on every one's minds, is who is this mystery rider?
9 "Gorilla Gone Wild" John Derevlany[1] August 28, 2013 109 1.2
Cragger sends the Gorilla Tribe on a rampage, causing a battle between Gorillas and Crocodiles. When the Lions and Eagles arrive, the battle only gets bigger. But this time, the Crocodiles have the upper hand, as this battle is in their own swamps...
10 "Foxtrot" John Derevlany[1] September 5, 2013 110 1.0
Crooler and the Wolves break in the Lion Temple and raid every orb of CHI in the Sacred Pool, while the mysterious rider ShadoWind dominates the Speedor track yet again.
11 "The Chi Jackers" John Derevlany[1] September 19, 2013 111 1.8
With the Wolves stealing every last Orb of CHI, the Lions are hopeless to protect CHIMA, until they start delivering CHI to tribes from the skies with the help of the Eagles.
12 "Balancing Act" John Derevlany[1] September 26, 2013 112 1.6
With the Wolves still stealing CHI, CHIMA has become un-balanced, and Laval is desperate to prevent losing any more CHI. Meanwhile, Worriz throws Crooler out of their camp, claiming their CHI stealing days together, are now over.
13 "Crocodile Tears" John Derevlany[1] October 3, 2013 113 1.5
With the Crocodiles in Wolf cages, and the Wolves are as powerful as ever, CHIMA is facing ultimate danger. Laval launches a small rescue mission with Eris, and a fake ShadoWind to free the entire Crocodile Tribe.
14 "Fake Chi, Real Trouble" John Derevlany[1] October 10, 2013 114 1.9
With Cragger no longer under the control of that mysterious plant, he gives the tribes in CHIMA some home-made CHI made by a Raven Alchemist. But this so called "CHI" has the most unusual side effets, but works out perfectly when the Wolves come to steal every last Orb.
15 "Ravens vs. Eagles" John Derevlany[1] October 17, 2013 115 1.1
The tribes of CHIMA get along once again, the Wolves have been reduced to helpless bird brains. But Razar and the Ravens infiltrate the Eagle Spires, causing a battle between the Ravens and the Eagles.
16 "Reunion Gone Wrong" John Derevlany[1] October 24, 2013 116 0.9
As peace is about to permanently return in CHIMA, a certain root sends everyone into a dream, where they learn their true identity. While some find the good inside them, others find their destiny to destroy CHIMA. Laval makes a daring move to save everyone, but has to suffer the consequences.
17 "Laval in Exile" John Derevlany[1] November 7, 2013 117 1.7
With Laval sent into exile, Cragger captures Lagravis, and prepares the entire Crocodile Tribe for a major attack on the Lion CHI Temple. Learning this, Laval returns to CHIMA to rescue his father, and gives Cragger something he hasn't had for a long time... hope.
18 "The Black Cloud" John Derevlany[1] November 14, 2013 118 2.1
A strange Black cloud has appeared around the floating Mt. Cavora, source of the CHI. Laval and Eris gather all the eight main Tribes to shoot down the mysterious Black Cloud. But what they didn't know, was the consequences to come...
19 "CHIMA Falls" John Derevlany[1] November 21, 2013 119 1.6
After shooting the Black Cloud, the CHI falls has run dry. Laval and Eris search in vain for Legend Beasts, but find nothing. A race against time breaks out for the tribes to decide who to fight for. The Crocs, Wolves, Ravens and Rhinos make their attack on Lion City...
20 "For CHIMA!" John Derevlany[1] December 5, 2013 120 2.4
The CHI Falls still don't run, CHIMA is weak, and the Tribes are in the middle of a huge battle. Laval returns to CHIMA with the Crocodile Legend Beasts, and missing Crocodile Queen Crunket. Eight heroes gather at the Forever rock, preparing to head into the Outlands, to save the Legend Beasts.

Season 2 (2014): Quest for the Legend Beasts[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
21 "Into the Outlands"[4] John Derevlany March 15, 2014 (2014-03-15) 201 3.0
In the Outlands the heroes learn the disturbing truth about the stolen Chi and the missing Legend Beasts. They must battle both the savage carnivorous Outland plants and the mysterious black cloud, but they also meet an enigmatic ally, Lavertus. The heroes will stay in his outland base so they can have new gear and a place to sleep.
22 "A Tangled Web"[4] John Derevlany March 22, 2014 (2014-03-22) 202 1.5
The heroes of Chima learn that the Gorilla and Rhino Legend Beasts are being held captive by a Tribe of creepy Spiders. They must come up with a clever plan to defeat this massive threat. But why is Rogon behaving so strangely?!?
23 "The Legend Thief"[4] John Derevlany March 29, 2014 (2014-03-29) 203 1.3
Things have started to go missing at the heroes' outpost. It turns out that The Legend Beast Raven have been stealing Golden Chi for a tribe of menacing Scorpions. Laval must convince the exiled Lion Lavertus to join them in their fight....by defeating him in a Speedor Race!
24 "The Eagle and the Bear"[4] John Derevlany April 5, 2014 (2014-04-05) 204 1.1
The Scorpion Tribe and the Spider Tribe have set up a tricky trap, and the heroes must free the Legend Beast Eagle and the Bear in one daring effort. Hopefully, Lavertus and his Helicopter are helping out. But the Scorpions and Spiders have Speedorz of their own.
25 "Tooth or Consequences" John Derevlany April 12, 2014 (2014-04-12) 205 1.2
Worriz and Cragger go off on a mission of their own, but get captured by the Spiders. Now it is up the rest of the heroes to mount up the Legend Beasts and go on one last daring rescue mission. But Lavertus is reluctant to help when he learns that Cragger's father is captured.
26 "This May Sting a Bit" John Derevlany April 19, 2014 (2014-04-19) 206 0.8
In the Scorpion Cave, Laval has been separated from his friends and must overcome his greatest fear to rescue the Lion Legend Beast himself... or will it rescue him? Meanwhile his friends battle the Crawlers... Will they face their biggest challenge yet... the fate of Chima will be decided today.

Season 3 (2014/2015): Legend of the Fire Chi[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
27 "Firedreaming" August 9, 2014 (August 9, 2014) 301 TBD
The good times are back in Chima. But on Market Day, Eris finds herself having nightmares. In the Outlands, Sir Fangar awakens and re-animates all of the Ice Hunters, freezing Scorm and the remaining Crawlers members and heading towards Chima.
28 "Attack of the Ice Clan" August 16, 2014 (August 16, 2014) 302 TBD
Eris wakes from a dream only to find it becoming reality as Chima is being frozen! The Ice Hunters lead their attack on Chima starting with the Crocodile Swamp! The tribes lead a daring attempt to stop them, but are forced to retreat and de-thaw their warriors.
29 "The Call of Cavora" August 23, 2014 (August 23, 2014) 303 TBD
The Tribes of Cavora attack the Ice Hunters with rocks. Though they are forced retreat again, Eris sees a vision of Fluminox and the Phoenix Fire Temple! Climbing up one of the frozen waterfalls from Mt. Cavora, Eris, Cragger, and Laval reluctantly enter inside. By the power of the Legend Beasts, they are sent up into the Phoenix Fire Temple, and are greeted by Fluminox...
30 "Trial By Fire" August 30, 2014 (August 30, 2014) 304 TBD
Fluminox tells the story of the Fire Tribes and Ice Hunters and introduces Fire CHI! Eris is the first to try it. Yet when Laval and Cragger try, they must pass a special rite of passage first. Meanwhile at the Beaver Lodge the warriors of the Ice Hunters are getting closer to taking over, until Laval, Eris, and Cragger come to the rescue with their cool new fire powers!
31 "The Crescent" September 6, 2014 (September 6, 2014) 305 TBD
Laval, Cragger, and Eris finish their pursuit of the Ice Hunters, but shortly decides to stop, and go back for more Fire CHI, even though Fluminox is hesitant.. At the Ice Hunter's Stronghold, their Speedorz are being brought out for battle with the warriors. Shortly into the battle, the gang's Fire CHI has run dry, but the Phoenix are there to help! After the battle much to Tormak's anger, Laval meets Li'ella.


Season 1: The Power of the Chi[edit]

  1. A Crash Course In Flying
  2. Tale Of The Tribe Stone
  3. Like Father, Like Son
  4. Wolf Speed Dating
  5. Lennox The Brave
  6. Razar: King Of Profit
  7. Air Head Flight Test
  8. Hy-Bear Active
  9. Vibe Of The Mellow Head Dude
  10. Plovar The Destroyer
  11. Crocodile Evolution
  12. Animal Instinct
  13. GoodFixers

Season 2: Quest for the Legend Beasts[edit]

  1. Eris Vs Black Cloud - Rematch
  2. A Force of Nature
  3. An Outlandish Tale
  4. The ShadoWind Chronicles
  5. The Rumble in the Jungle
  6. The Cloud and the Shadow
  7. A Royal Getaway
  8. A Plovar Makeover
  9. The Black Valious
  10. The Eggs-Terminator
  11. The Flyin' Lion
  12. The Web and the Sting
  13. Whatever Happened to the WindShadow?
  14. Haunted Lair
  15. Game of Legends
  16. Horn to be Wild
  17. Unfinished Business

Season 3: Legend of the Fire Chi[edit]

  1. Dream of the Dreamless
  2. Big Boys with Big Toys
  3. A Completely Ridiculous Tale of Fire


  • David Attar - Cragger, Rogon, Grizzam, Ripnik, Reegull, Stealthor
  • Bethany Brown - Eris, Crooler, Spinlyn, Rinona, Wonald
  • Matt Cronander - Willhurt, Ewar, Braptor, Elkar, Mottrot
  • Bill Courage - Crominus, Lagravis, Longtooth, Lavertus
  • Chris Durchand - Dom De La Woosh, Sir Fangar, Blista, Stranor
  • Jesse Inocalla - Plovar, Rizzo, Gordo, Runk, Lennox, Sparracon, Fluminox
  • Meghan Kinsley - Crunket, G'Loona, Windra, Li'ella, Maula
  • John Nelson - Wakz, Eglor, Crug, Rawzom, Lennox, Balkar, Rukus, Grumlo, Flinx
  • Michael Patric - Gorzan, Scorm, Mungus, Voom Voom
  • Scott Shantz - Laval, Worriz, Skinnet, Furtivo/Furty, Razcal, Sparratus, Scolder, Scutter, Lundor
  • Jeff Evans Todd - Razar, Bladvic, Crawley, Winzar, Leonidas, Equila, Ewald, Buber, Logas
  • Adam White - Gornay, Panthar, Foltrax, Vornon, Tormak



Its January 16, 2013, premiere was watched by 1.5 million viewers, making it the 10th highest rated show overall on cable that night.[5] The season 2 premiere was watched by 3.0 million viewers making it the second most watched episode of the series.


The music for Legends of Chima was written by Danish composer Anthony Lledo who had worked together with Peder Pedersen on the director's Indiana Jones and Star Wars themed Lego shorts. Selections from the score have been released by MovieScore Media.

All music composed by Anthony Lledo.

Legends of Chima: Original Soundtrack
No. Title Length
1. "Laval the Lion"   3:17
2. "Chi"   2:40
3. "Playful Tribes"   2:36
4. "The Croc Swamp"   3:04
5. "Cragger"   2:37
6. "Speedor Races"   2:10
7. "When We Were Kids"   2:12
8. "Rhinos"   1:51
9. "The Warrior Within"   2:26
10. "Forever Rock"   2:14
11. "Drums Of Chima"   1:30
12. "The Big Battle"   2:20
13. "The Great Story"   2:53
Total length:


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