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The Leghari (Baluchi: لغاری, Sindhi: لغاري‎, or Laghari) are a Baloch tribe living in the Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. The Leghari Baloch primarily speak the Seraiki, Sindhi, and Balochi language, and are largely Sunni Muslims.


The Leghari are subdivided into the hotani Qalandrani,Yarani,Allahrani,Alyani, Hadyanii, Bagal,changwani, Jalab/Jalabaani, Ramdani Birmani and Mureedani Hybat clans.[1]


The Leghari Baloch are originally "Rind Baloch". The Baloch do not have a documented history and as such the exact movement of the tribe is not known yet it is established that the tribe has had influence in past centuries in the Sibi, Barkhan and Loralai area of Balochistan . More than two centuries ago they conquered a large part of what is today Dera Ghazi Khan District and established themselves at Choti Zareen (Lower Choti). The Leghari Tumandars (or Sardars i.e Tribal leaders) ruled a vast territory and collected tax from as far off as Barkhan in Balochistan. The Sardars of the Leghari tribe are known to have joined the Amirs of Sindh and are known to have fought during the Battle of Miani, particularly as artillerymen.



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