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For the Wii U video game named after Lego City, see Lego City Undercover.
Lego City
Lego City logo, used since January 2015.png
Other names Legoland
Lego Town
Lego World City
Sub‑themes Fire
Coast Guard
Great Vehicles
Availability 1978–Present
Total sets 250[1]
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Lego City is a theme under which Lego building sets are released. As the name suggests, Lego City sets are based on city life, with the models depicting city and emergency services (such as police and fire), airport, train, construction, and civilian services.


The City theme traces its origins to Lego Town, a theme introduced with the first minifigures in 1978. Since then, town-based models have been marketed under the names Legoland Town, Town Junior, City Center, and World City before the current incarnation was started in 2005. The first set introduced under the City name was 10159 Airport (a reissue of the 1994 airport set Century Skyway, with some minor part differences).

Since its introduction, different subthemes under the City banner were used to tie together related sets, such as Police, coast guard ,Emergency, Airport, Road Rescue, Trains, Fire, and Harbor. During the Christmas season, a City-themed Advent Calendar set is sold through the online Lego Shop and at retailers.

Video games[edit]

A video game developed by TT Games called LEGO City Undercover was released for the Wii U on March 18, 2013. A prequel to the game was also released for the Nintendo 3DS on April 31, 2013.[2]

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