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Lehava is an Israeli organization whose primary objective is opposing marriages between Jewish women and non-Jewish, particularly Arab, men. It has been described as "far-right-wing" in the Israeli media. The organization gained notoriety in 2010 after sending an open letter to Israeli Jewish supermodel Bar Refaeli urging her to break off her relationship with German American actor Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, who is Roman Catholic. Lehava was founded by Mosis Zion, and it employs a number of figures including Kahanist politician Baruch Marzel, formerly of the outlawed Kach movement.[1][2] Multiple rebbetzins, acting on behalf of Lehava, issued an open letter urging Israeli women not to date Arabs; this letter caused a controversy and was denounced by other rabbis.[3][4] The organization has also spoken out against Mark Zuckerberg's marriage to Priscilla Chan.[5] In addition to opposing interfaith and interethnic marriages, Lehava also has encouraged Israelis to report to the organization the names of Israelis who rent to Arabs, so that they can be named and shamed publicly.[6]