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Leica Geosystems Mining is a division of Leica Geosystems, and part of Hexagon. Leica Geosystems Mining opened a global technical center in 2004 located in Brisbane, Australia.[1] The company's products provide positioning technology that measure, monitor and model every phase of the mine life cycle.[2] It's customers span over 100 mines, in 20 countries around the world.[3]

The company is best known as a provider of fleet management and high precision machine guidance, however now they have created a reputation for being a one-point-of-call for all measurement technology.[4] Incorporating all the capabilities and offerings from Leica Geosystems and Hexagon's companies.[5]

Leica Geosystems Mining and Locata Corporation Pty Ltd formed an exclusive partnership to provide the mining industry with the world’s only high precision radio positioning system that is not reliant on GPS.[6]

Leica Geosystems Mining and Autonomous Solutions Inc. started a partnership to provide human assist and autonomous technologies i.e. vehicle automation for the mining industry.[7]


Leica Geosystems has been providing measurement technology since 1819.[8]

Leica Geosystems in 2003, announced that it acquired Tritronics Pty Ltd, a leading supplier of integrated machine automation and site management solutions for the mining industry.[9]

Leica Geosystems Mining opened its doors in Brisbane, Australia in 2004.[10]

Leica Geosystems was acquired by Hexagon AB in 2005.[11]

In 2007, Hexagon AB acquired Jigsaw Technologies and integrated Leica Geosystems Mining products to create the next generation of the Leica Jigsaw platform.[12]

October, 2013 Hexagon AB expands mining footprint with the acquisition of Devex.[13]