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Leicester Medical School
Established 1975
Type Medical school
Dean Professor David Wynford Thomas
Location Leicester, Leicestershire, England
52°37′26″N 1°07′28″W / 52.6238°N 1.1245°W / 52.6238; -1.1245Coordinates: 52°37′26″N 1°07′28″W / 52.6238°N 1.1245°W / 52.6238; -1.1245
Affiliations University of Leicester
Website http://www.le.ac.uk/sm/le/

Leicester Medical School is a medical school in England established in 1975. It is part of the University of Leicester.


The medical school offers five-year and four-year (graduate entry)[1] courses in medicine, awarding its graduates the MBChB degree. Some students on the five year course choose to take an intercalated BSc Honours Degree, usually between their third and fourth years of study, and which is awarded following either a year of full time research or completing the final year of a standard degree course (e.g. medical genetics, physiology, French). As of 2010 the medical school admits 175 British students per year includes 20 students from overseas.[2]

Leicester was ranked 9th in the UK among 31 medical schools in the 2014 Guardian University Guide.[3]


The school was formed following the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Medical Education (1965–68) (which issued its report, popularly known as the "Todd Report" in 1968). The Commission estimated that by 1994 the UK would need to train more than 4500 doctors a year, and that this would need to be achieved by both increasing the numbers of medical students at existing medical schools, and by establishing a number of new medical schools. The report recommended that new medical schools should be immediately established at the Universities of Nottingham, Southampton and Leicester.

In 2000, Leicester Medical School assisted the University of Warwick in the foundation of the Leicester-Warwick Medical School, combining Leicester's own school with a new institution based in Warwick. The project was successful, and in 2006, some time after the Warwick school's first students had graduated, the two institutions separated, creating Warwick Medical School, and recreating Leicester Medical School. Warwick, along with Swansea University, are currently the only medical schools in the UK which restrict entry to graduate students.

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