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"Höegh Copenhagen" arriving at Bremen, Germany.
Höegh freighter in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Leif Höegh & Co is an international shipping company, founded in 1927 by Norwegian Leif Høegh (1896-1974). Since 2006 the company has been structured as two separate entities, Höegh Autoliners and Höegh LNG, with Leif Höegh & Co acting as a common holding company.

Höegh Autoliners operates pure car/truck carrier (PCTC) vessels. As part of its relationship with Maersk, it took over a number of Maersk ships in 2008.[1] Since January 2014, its Europe/USA routes have included Valencia to Baltimore, Jacksonville, New York and Galveston.[2][3] It has a 50% stake in the EML shipping line that connects Zeebrügge, Esbjerg (Denmark), Gothenburg (Sweden), Drammen (Oslofjord, Norway) and Port of Tyne (UK).[4] The MV Höegh Osaka was en route from Southampton to Bremerhaven when it was grounded in January 2015.[5]

It was announced in May 2014 that nine Höegh Autoliners PCTC vessels would be managed by Wallem which would deliver technical and crew management from Wallem's Singapore base.[6]

Höegh LNG is active in the liquefied natural gas industry including LNG carriers.[7] As of January 2015, it is 44.6 owned by Leif Höegh. The largest investors are Allianz, Fairview Capital and Nordea. The Baupost Group announced that it controlled 5.26% of shares for its clients.[8]


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