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Leigh Richardson was the leader of People's United Party in Belize from 1951–1956, and also the mayor of Belize City.


Leigh Richardson was a leader in Belize's independence movement. He was imprisoned in 1951 along with Philip Goldson for charges of sedition brought against them by the British colonial authorities. He was co-founder of the Belize Billboard and held leadership positions in the People’s Committee.

Formation of the UDP[edit]

Leigh Richardson was a founding member of the People’s United Party and was elected as its second leader. He led the PUP to their first major political victory in 1954. After breaking away from the PUP, along with Philip Goldson, Richardson formed the Honduran Independence Party, which later merged with the National Party to create the National Independence Party (NIP). The NIP along with the Liberal Party and the People’s Development Movement joined forces in 1973 for opposition politics in Belize (then called British Honduras) and became the United Democratic Party (UDP).


On September 18, 2008, Leigh Richardson was formally recognized as a Belizean patriot and was conferred with the Order of Distinction during the Independence Celebrations.