Leighton Lillie

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Leighton Lillie
Personal information
Nationality American
Born (1983-05-31) May 31, 1983 (age 31)
Lewiston, Idaho
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m)
Weight 175 pounds (79 kg)
Country  United States
Sport Motocross
Turned pro 2002

Leighton Lillie is a motocross rider/sports personality. He has been riding since 1989. His favorite Track is Washougal.


From the first day Leighton sat on his Suzuki JR 50 with training wheels he knew he was meant to spend his life on a bike. After placing 3rd in his first race he decided to pursue a career in racing.

With the constant support of his family and role models such as Jeremy McGrath and Lance Armstrong, Leighton dedicated himself to becoming the best he could be at the sport he loved.

Leighton decided to turn Pro at 18 and raced Arenacross and outdoors in 2002. His career has exemplified his consistent desire to succeed ever since.

In 2003 he raced the 4Stroke Nationals and placed 13th in points only to raise the bar, returning in 2004, moving up in ranks to 6th. In 2005 Leighton won the AMA Thundercross Series[1] and earned a number one plate. 2006 brought about new challenges as he joined Wyvern Motosports to ride the East Coast AMA Supercross series in the 125Lites class and return to finish the West Coast series in the 250’s.

Along with his teammate Daryl Ecklund, Leighton is currently[when?] training for the 2007 Supercross Season and plans on continued success along the way.

Career highlights[edit]

  • 2007
    • SX class full season: Qualified for 18 out of 18 shows, Best qualifying time 18th fastest
    • Hangtown Outdoor National 26-40(DNF Mechanical) 32nd O/A
  • 2006
    • German SX Series: Rode four events: Best finish 4th in the SX main, Brun, Czech Republic, multiple top eight finishes
    • East Coast Lites SX: Qualified for 7 of 8 shows- SX class- qualified for all shows
  • 2005
    • Washougal MX National 21-25 26th O/A
    • AMA 4 Stroke National Champion
    • Western 4 Stroke National 3rd O/A
  • 2004
    • Washougal MX National 36-24 30th O/A
    • Western 4 Stroke National 6th O/A
    • White Brothers 4 Stroke National Championship Points 2nd
  • 2003
    • California Golden State National Champ 250 Pro
    • Western 4 Stroke National 13th O/A
  • Amateur
    • Three time Idaho state champ
    • 2001 Gold Series Champ 125-250 Pro
    • 2000 5th World Mini GP 125Mod Int.- 7th 250 stk Int