Leinthall Earls

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Timber-framed cottage in Leinthall Earls with jettying and brick nogging

Leinthall Earls or Leinthall Earles is a village in Aymestrey civil parish, Herefordshire, England.

Parish church[edit]

The earliest parts of the Church of England parish church or St Andrew are 12th-century[1] Norman.[2] It is part of a single benefice with the parishes of Aymestrey and Kingsland.[3]


Leinthall Earls Quarry is north of the village. Up to 2,000 tonnes of aggregate are quarried there daily. A geological fault runs roughly southwest – northeast just south of the quarry, and is downthrown to the south.[4]


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Coordinates: 52°18′N 2°49′W / 52.300°N 2.817°W / 52.300; -2.817