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Lekh Tandon
Lekh Tandon.jpg
Born 13 February 1929
Lahore, British India
Years active 1947 - present

Lekh Tandon (born 13 February 1929)[1] has directed numerous Bollywood movies and Indian TV Serials. Recently he has acted in few movies such as Chennai Express. He is brother of Urdu playwright Yograj Tandon.[2]


Lekh's father F. C. Tandon had studied with Prithviraj Kapoor during High School at Khalsa High School, (Lyallpur, Punjab, British India), and had been friends. Prithviraj Kapoor inspired Lekh to work in Bollywood. Around same time, Lekh's brother Yograj was working as assistant-director and secretary to Prithviraj Kapoor.

Lekh started as Assistant Director in Hindi movie industries in 1950's and became director of several hit movies. Then he moved onto nascent TV scene in its early years and started directing TV Serials. His first offering was Phir Wahi Talash on Indian National TV Channel Doordarshan. Lekh is also credited for discovering Shahrukh Khan by casting him his TV serial Dil Dariya.

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