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West Java (Batavia - Bandung - Lembang)

Lembang is a town in the province of West Java in Java, Indonesia. The town has about 17.000 inhabitants (census 2010). The population of the Lembang district is 183,300 (2005).

Lembang is situated between 1,312 and 2,084 above sea level. Its highest point is on top of Tangkuban Perahu Mt. The temperature usually ranges between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Lembang means "dent" in Indonesian.


Besides tourism industry and agriculture, Lembang also has 4,000 milk cow farmers which supply Frisian Flag, Diamond and Danone.[1]

Lembang Fault[edit]

The Lembang Fault is still active with movement 2 milimeters a year, crosses Lembang city and runs 22 kilometers north of the Bandung basin, ranging from Mount Palasari to Cisarua. 700 years ago the earthquakes occurred at several points along the fault line and could potentially trigger up to a magnitude-7 quake. The impact might be threat to 8 million people who are currently living in the Bandung basin area and its surrounding area.[2]


Coordinates: 6°49′01″S 107°37′01″E / 6.817°S 107.617°E / -6.817; 107.617