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Chinese Sprite

Lemon-lime soda, also known as lemonade in Australia and New Zealand, is a common carbonated soft drink flavor, consisting of lemon and lime flavoring. Sprite, 7 Up, and Sierra Mist are the most popular examples.


Lemon-lime soft drinks are typically clear and sometimes can be mistaken for carbonated water, but are usually sold in transparent green bottles to make the distinction clearer. Quite a few popular brands have cloudy lemon-lime drinks, as well, such as Limca (India and US).

Traditionally, lemon-lime drinks have been made at home and are typically not carbonated. This trend has been exploited by leading players offering noncarbonated versions of this drink[citation needed]. For example, Minute Maid (Nimbu Pani) and 7Up Nimbooz are sold in India.

Over time, the popularity of lemon-lime soft drinks has grown as a result of their status as being free from artificial colors and caffeine[citation needed].

The lemon-pop flavor is also used in many other food products, such as ice pops, lollipops, sports drinks, and jelly beans.

Lemon-lime sodas are a common home remedy for nausea and upset stomachs.[citation needed]

Lemon-lime soda is termed "lemonade" in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. What is more commonly known as lemonade in the latter two countries is called "lemon squash" (although local lemon squash drinks are usually carbonated, unlike most "lemonade" drinks). In the United Kingdom, what is commonly known as lemonade is often called "cloudy lemonade".




  • Limca
  • 7 Up Nimbooz
  • Minute Maid Nimbu Pani




  • Premyera Lymon (Прем'єра Лимон)

United States[edit]


  • Uludag Gazoz

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