Lemon drop pepper

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Lemon drop chilli, ají limon
C baccatum lemon drop fruit.jpg
Genus Capsicum
Species Capsicum baccatum
Cultivar 'Lemon drop'
Lemon drop
Heat Hot

The lemon drop pepper, ají limon,[1] is a hot, citrus-like, lemon-flavored pepper which is a popular seasoning pepper in Peru, where it is known as kellu uchu.

It is also known as 'hot lemon'. The bright yellow, crinkled, cone-shaped fruits are about 2.5 in long and 0.5 in wide, and mature from green to yellow about 100 days after transplanting (long season), they have fewer seeds than the average pepper, containing 15 on average. The plant is vine-like, typically reaching a height of about 3 ft. Like other C. baccatum species, these peppers were practically unknown in the West until the early 1990s, but are now gaining wide popularity. [2]


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