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Lemonade stand in New Orleans.

A lemonade stand is a business that is commonly owned and operated by a child or children, to sell lemonade. The term may also be used to refer to stands that sell similar beverages like iced tea.[1][2]

The archetypical version is made out of plywood or cardboard boxes; a paper sign on front advertises the lemonade stand.

Lemonade stands are usually in technical violation of several laws, including operation without a business license, lack of adherence to health codes, and sometimes child labor laws.[3] Despite this, prosecutions of lemonade stand operations are extremely rare, and when lemonade stands are shut down by authorities, the events can make national headlines. They create news reports portraying examples of governmental authorities overstepping their responsibilities.[citation needed]

Perhaps the best-known of all lemonade stands is Alex's Lemonade Stand for pediatric cancer research, which Alexandra Scott, herself a pediatric-cancer patient who eventually died of her strain of the disease, established to benefit such hospitals as were treating her condition.


The computer game Lemonade Stand was produced for the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium in 1973; it later popularized on the Apple II platform in 1979.

A similar game, Lemonade Tycoon, revolves around being a child selling lemonade during the summer and trying to make revenue. The game was made by Hexacto in 2003.

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