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This article describes the candy. For the band, see The Lemonheads.
Lemonhead box
Lemonhead Candy
Cherryhead and Applehead Candy

Lemonhead is a brand of candy, first introduced in 1962, produced by the Ferrara Candy Company. Lemonheads are a round, lemon-flavored candy consisting of a sweet coating, soft sour shell, and a hard candy core.

Inspiration for the Lemonhead name came from Salvatore Ferrara seeing his grandson, Salvatore II, the third generation, after delivery. Salvatore II was a forceps baby and he noted that his new grandson's head was lemon-shaped. The candy was born out of the same cold panned process as the company's Red Hots in 1962. They are most commonly sold in their standard 1 centimeter size, but are also produced in a single-sale 3 cm version. Ferrara now makes 500 million Lemonheads per year.

Recently,[when?] Ferrara Pan brought all of their fruit-flavored candies under a consistent naming convention: Lemonheads, Grapeheads (formerly Alexander the Grape), Cherryheads (formerly Cherry Chan/Cherry Clan)and Appleheads (formerly Johnny Apple Treats).

Other candies under the Lemonhead Brand[edit]

  • Grapeheads
  • Cherryheads
  • Appleheads
  • Chewy Lemonheads and Friends
  • Chewy Lemonheads Tropical
  • Chewy Lemonheads Fruit Mix
  • Chewy Lemonheads Flavor Fusers
  • Lemonhead Gummies

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