Len Barker's perfect game

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On May 15, 1981, Len Barker of the Cleveland Indians threw a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Stadium, the tenth perfect game in Major League Baseball history.[1] The Indians defeated the Blue Jays 3–0, as Barker did not allow a baserunner.[2] Barker never once reached ball three against any Blue Jay hitter. He recorded strikeouts against seven of the last eleven Blue Jays hitters.[3]

Barker's perfect game is the most recent no-hitter thrown by a Cleveland pitcher.[4] "I run into people almost every day who want to talk about it," Barker said in 2006. "Everyone says, 'You're probably tired of talking about it.' I say, 'No, it's something to be proud of.' It's a special thing."[5]


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