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Lenape Middle School [1] is one of five Middle Schools in the Central Bucks School District. Located off of West State Street in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Lenape has a student population of about 1,000 students in grades 7-9. Lenape Middle School was founded in 1957 by the Central Bucks Jointure Planning Committee.

The school name was suggested by the student body and officially approved by the school board. The name Lenape stems from the Lenni-Lenape Indians who once inhabited the Delaware Valley. Lenape's mascot, the Indian, also is derived from this same group.

School Colors[edit]

The Lenape School colors are Cherry and White. These school colors were selected in the school year of 1959-60 from five possible combinations submitted by the student body.

School Seal[edit]

The Lenape school seal was designed by six Lenape students in the school year 1961-62. Official presentation was made in June 1962.

The seal is round in shape with its outermost edge being a perfect, unbroken circle. The edge is solid black for it was felt a dark color such as this was definite and bold in outlining the entire design.

The words “Lenape Junior High School” are in bold Gothic letters and are cherry while the area around the identification of the school is white, these two colors being the colors of the school. “Est. 1957” is in black and recognizes the founding date of Lenape.

Symbolic of strength and unity, a chain is provided in the seal. Individualism is also represented in the chain. When each link is positioned correctly in relationship with the others so as to be organized to work efficiently (as individuals), a strong body is created. The chain also brings and holds together the ideals illustrated in the center of the seal.

The sun in the upper right portion of the area within the chain suggests a bright future, success, and the goals we work towards. It symbolizes the light shed abroad in one’s thinking and life as he gains a fuller understanding of the meaning and application of the truths represented by the other symbols. The diffused rays are given off the radiating body and represent, at their farthest extent, the past. Nearer the light source the present is represented while as explained before, the sun is symbolic of tomorrow.

Within the chain, light falls on three areas of school life in Lenape. Depicting education, the open book symbolizes scholarship and the winged foot stands for physical education. The hands in a praying position are representative of faith in God, in fellowmen, and in oneself, including courage and character. The flag of the United States of America symbolizes many things since there are many ideals in a democratic society. Being more specific, however, Americanism, honor, citizenship, service, and leadership are represented by the flag.

Don Eichhorn "School to Watch"[edit]

On February 1, 2011, Lenape Middle School received official notification that it had been awarded both state and national recognition as a Don Eichhorn “School to Watch." The Don Eichhorn Schools “Schools to Watch” Program is a partnership in Pennsylvania that includes the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Pennsylvania Middle School Association, Duquesne University, Edinboro University, Lehigh University, and Horace Mann Service Corporation. This partnership was developed through the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grade Reform.

Lenape was one of the first three middle schools in Pennsylvania and approximately 250 nationwide that have received this recognition. The Forum seeks to improve student learning dramatically by advocating that schools provide strong academics, respond to students’ needs and interests, and ensure equal access to high quality classes.

Highlights and Accomplishments[edit]

On January 22, 2013, Lenape students on the Mock Trial Team celebrated their win at the Bucks County Courthouse. On January 30, 2013, in its second round of competition, Lenape students on the Mock Trial Team won another hard fought battle against Archbishop Wood High School at the Bucks County Courthouse. Lenape Middle School is the only middle school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to field a team in the PA Bar Association Mock Trial Competition. This is Lenape's third year involved with the PA Bar of Association Mock Trial Competition. Mock Trial is an extracurricular activity that consists of students who play the roles of lawyers and witnesses. The competition takes place in an actual courtroom before a local judge. Students are assisted by a faculty coach and an attorney advisor. Volunteer attorneys and community leaders serve as jurors in the competition. Lenape students compete against older, high school students around the Commonwealth.


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