Lenexa, 1 Mile

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Lenexa, 1 Mile
Directed by Jason Wiles
Starring Josh Stewart
Jason Ritter
William Baldwin
Distributed by Allumination FilmWorks
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Lenexa, 1 Mile (released on DVD as Full Count) is drama film written by Jason Wiles, Shem Bitterman, and directed by Wiles. The film stars Josh Stewart, Jason Ritter, and William Baldwin. Austin Nichols and Paul Wesley Co-Star.


This film tells the story of five childhood friends during their last summer together in Lenexa, Kansas before going to college. Their bond is tested when a disturbing secret comes to light and they are forced to set out on a quest to protect and redeem the reputation of one of their own - at whatever cost to their futures.



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