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The Lennox and Addington Historical Society is a volunteer organization with a mission to promote interest in Canadian history, but particularly to save and promote the history of the Bay of Quinte region where the county of Lennox and Addington is located.

The Society was founded in 1907, principally through the efforts of W. S. Herrington, KC, and Clarance Warner, who became the first President. Early meetings were held in Napanee.

The first question addressed by the new Society was how its objectives might be accomplished. Article 2 of the Constitution said:

"Its objects shall be to engage in the collection, preservation, exhibition and publication of materials for the study of history, especially the history of the county of Lennox and Addington, to this end studying the archaeology of the county, acquiring documents and manuscripts, obtaining narratives and records of pioneers, conducting a library of historical reference materials, maintaining a gallery of historical portraiture, publishing and otherwise diffusing information relative to the history of the county and of the Dominion, and developing within Lennox and Addington the study of history."

The Society began quickly to gather historical items and is now the owner of a substantive collection including material culture, an archives and a small but worthy rare book library.

These materials are accessible to the public at the Lennox and Addington County Museum in Napanee. The County of Lennox and Addington generously operates the Museum under an agreement with the Society.

In addition, the Society owns and operates a very significant historic building, the Allan Macpherson House. Built in 1826, this Upper Canadian Georgian Mansion is located on the Napanee River in Greater Napanee.

The Society has an enviable publishing record. Founder, W.S. Herrington, wrote the first history of Lennox and Addington in 1921. In 1964, the Society published Glimpses of Lennox and Addington which added to the original work. A series of "Papers and Records" over the years has offered a way for those researching local historical topics to reach the public.

Military matters have always been in interest to members. In 1921, the Society published, The War Work of Lennox and Addington which chronicled the contributions of local citizens to the First World War, both on the front lines and at the homefront. In recent years, the Society hired military historian, Steven Fochuk. Steven updated the Society's files to include later veterans, and as a result the Society published, Remembering. This book documents the contribution of the people of the county to World War II and the Korean War.

The Lennox and Addington Historical Society continues to welcome donations of materials relevant to the history of the county. It has charitable status under the Income Tax Act. General meetings of the Society are open to all.

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