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ThinkCentre series
Developer IBM (2003—2005)
Lenovo (2005—Present)
Type Desktop
Release date 2003

The ThinkCentre line of business-oriented desktop computers is produced by Lenovo. ThinkCentre computers typically include mid-range to high-end processors, options for discrete graphics cards, and multi-monitor support.[1][1] The ThinkCentre line was introduced in 2003 by IBM[2]


The first three desktops in IBM's redesigned line of PCs were the S50, the M50, and A50p.[3] All three desktops were equipped with Intel Pentium 4 processors.[3] The chassis was made of steel and designed for easy component access without the use of tools.[3] The hard disk was fixed in place by a 'caddy' without the use of screws.[3] The caddy had rubber bumpers to reduce vibration and operational noise.[3]

Additional updates to the desktops included greater use of ThinkVantage Technologies.[3] All desktop models were made available with ImageUltra.[3] The three desktop models also included an 'Access IBM' button, allowing access to onboard resources, diagnostic tools, automated solutions, and links to online updates and services.[3] Select models featured IBM's Embedded Security Subsystem, with an integrated security chip and IBM Client Security Software.[3]


ThinkCentre S50

In 2004, an ultra-small version of the S50 was announced, the smallest desktop PC introduced until that time by IBM.[4] The ultra-small ThinkCentre S50 desktop weighed approximately the same as IBM's first notebook (IBM 5140 PC Convertible).[4] The ultra-small desktop was roughly the size of a New York city phonebook, or a box of cereal.[4] The ultra-small desktop also featured a tool-free tool-less steel chassis and IBM ThinkVantage Technologies.[4]

Acquisition by Lenovo[edit]

Main article: Lenovo

In 2005, after completing its acquisition of IBM's personal computing business, Lenovo announced the ThinkCentre E Series desktops, designed specifically for small businesses.[5] The ThinkCentre E50 was made available in tower and small form factor, with a silver and black design.[5]

In 2005, Technology Business Research (TBR) observed an increase in the customer satisfaction rate for ThinkCentre desktops.[6] According to TBR's "Corporate IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction Study” published in the second quarter of 2005, Lenovo was the only one of four surveyed companies that displayed a substantial increase in ratings.[6]

In May 2005, the ThinkCentre M52 and A52 desktops were announced by Lenovo.[7] These desktops marked the first time the ThinkCentre line incorporated dual-core processors and 64-bit technology.[7] At the time of release, Lenovo also announced plans to incorporate Intel Active Management Technology in future products.[7]


In August 2006 the ThinkCentre A60 desktop was announced.[8] It was the first ThinkCentre Desktop with AMD processors.[8]

In September 2006, Lenovo announced that its ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, and ThinkVision products received high ratings from EPEAT.[9] A total of 42 products were rated by EPEAT.[9] The ThinkCentre desktops received an overall rating of EPEAT silver.[9] This indicated that all criteria for environmentally safe computing had been met – including the minimum requirements and additional optional implementations.[9] Some of the criteria met included reduced levels of cadmium, mercury, and lead, energy efficiency, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.[9]

In September 2006, Lenovo announced several desktops in the ThinkCentre line, including the M55p, M55, M55e, A55 and A53.[10]


In January 2007, the ThinkCentre A55 small form factor desktop was announced by Lenovo.[11] The A55 was approximately 64% smaller than Lenovo's traditional tower desktops and 25% smaller than Lenovo's traditional small desktops.[11] In September 2007, Lenovo announced the ultra-small form factor A61e.[12]

Also in September 2007, two new M Series desktops were announced: the M57 and M57p.[13]

Environmentally friendly computing[edit]

In March 2008, the ultra-small M57 and M57p desktops were announced.[14] This was because the M57 and M57p were the first desktops from any manufacturer to receive a GREENGUARD certification.[14] The desktops were also rated by EPEAT Gold and Energy Star 4.0, and were the first ThinkCentre desktops to feature post-consumer recycled content.[14] The noise levels of the desktops were also low – at 4.0bels or lower.[14]

In October 2008, the M58 and M58p desktops were announced.[15] One of the key features of the desktop was a ThinkVantage Technology called Power Manager, allowing users to remotely control the PC's electricity use.[15] The desktops were available in tower, SFF, and USFF.[15]

A58 and M58e[edit]

In March 2009, two small, low-cost desktops were announced by Lenovo: the ThinkCentre A58 and the ThinkCentre M58e.[16] The A58 desktop was designed for small and medium businesses, while the M58e was designed for mid-market and large enterprises.[16] The desktops were made available in both tower and small form-factor versions.[16]

Product series[edit]

The ThinkCentre desktops available from Lenovo are:

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