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LENUS, the Irish Health Repository is an open access repository managed by the Health Service Executive's Regional Library and Information Service based in Dr. Steevens Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. It is based on BioMed Central's "Open Repository" system, giving the HSE an in-house repository for distributing its research and publications. The Repository is named after Lenus, a Celtic God of healing and well-being which represents the dual purpose of the Repository - it has Irish connections and evokes the study of health.[1]

LENUS was launched at the AGM of the Health Science Libraries Group (a section of the Library Association of Ireland) in February 2009. The content of LENUS is ever evolving. It contains health related reports, official publications and research on healthcare. It also contains a digital archive of former health board materials and health organisations which no longer exist or have been subsumed into new agencies. For this reason, a number of documents have been digitized and were previously not available electronically elsewhere. Lenus is a repository of Irish health information consisting of published journal articles, official publications of Irish health agencise and some theses by healthcare professionals working in Ireland. The best way to navigate LENUS is to use the Browse collections and communities section on the left hand side of the homepage. LENUS is an Open Access repository and is an enabling infrastructure supporting open access research output from healthcare practitioners in Ireland. Librarians and information professionals working in the Irish health service are also encouraged to submit their research to the 'LIS' collection. LENUS is openly and freely accessible to all.

LENUS is also included in the World Wide Science Alliance Portal, is available via the HSE Library website, and is listed in the Open Doar directory of online repositories.


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