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Leo Burnett Company, Inc.
Founded 1935
Founders Leo Burnett
Headquarters Leo Burnett Building
Chicago, Illinois
, United States
Employees 9,000+
Parent Publicis
Divisions Arc Worldwide
Website www.leoburnett.com

Leo Burnett Company, Inc., otherwise known as Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc., is a global advertising company, founded in 1935 in Chicago by Leo Burnett. Part of Publicis Groupe, Leo Burnett is one of the largest agency networks with 85 offices and 9,000+ employees.[1][2][3][4]


Multinational clients include Fiat, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Kellogg's, Altria, Coca-Cola, GM, McDonald's and Pfizer.[5]


  • Integrated & Direct Marketing
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Navigation
  • Design
  • Optimization
  • Digital
  • Media & Mobile
  • Ambient & Outdoor
  • Promotions


Global Leadership[edit]

  • Tom Bernardin, Global Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Tutssel, Global Chief Creative Officer
  • Patrick Dumouchel, Global Chief Financial Officer
  • Giles Hedger, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Michelle Kristula-Green, Global Head of People and Culture
  • James Kirkham, Global Head of Social and Mobile
  • Alison McConnell, Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Catherine Guthrie, President, Multinational Clients; Arc Worldwide Global Practice Leader
  • Giorgio Brenna, Chairman & CEO, Italy
  • Eddie Booth, Regional Chairman & CEO, Greater China
  • Jarek Ziebinski, President, Asia Pacific
  • Olga Lucia Villegas, President, Latin America
  • Raja Trad, CEO, Middle East & North Africa
  • Vladimir Tkachev, Chairman & CEO, Russia & Eastern Europe
  • Rich Stoddart, CEO, North America
  • Andrew Edwards, Chairman & CEO, UK & Central Europe
  • Carla Michelotti, Chief Legal, Government & Corporate Affairs Officer




HumanKind is the brand philosophy behind Leo Burnett, which asserts that modern-day communication needs to be rooted in fundamental human need. HumanKind operates on four pillars - people, purpose, participation and populism.[8][9][10]

The GPC[edit]

The Global Product Committee, otherwise known as the GPC, is a delegation of top creatives from the Leo Burnett network which meet to assess the agency's creative product. Several times a year, this group convenes to grade advertising generated from around the global network on a scale from 1-10.[11]

The HumanKind Scale[edit]

The aforementioned scale used by the GPC is known as the "HumanKind Scale," and grades work from 1 ("destructive") to 10 (a project that "changes the world'). A score of 7 has emerged as a benchmark, awarded to work that demonstrates "an inspiring idea, beautifully crafted," otherwise known as a "HumanKind act." [12][13]


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