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LEO Express a.s.
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic[1]
Key people Leoš Novotný[1]
Services Open-access operator
Revenue CZK 193 mio. (2013)[2]
Net income CZK -159 mio. (2013)[2]
Total assets CZK 962 mio. (VI/2014)[3]
Total equity CZK -102 mio. (VI/2014)[3]
Owners Leoš Novotný (98 %)[3]
Employees 167 (2013)[2]
Parent LEO Express N.V. (95 %)[3]
Website www.le.cz
Stadler FLIRT in Leo Express livery

LEO Express, formerly Rapid Express, is an open-access train operator set up in 2010. It launched inter-city services in November 2012 on the PragueOstrava route (in the Czech Republic), on which Czech Railways and RegioJet were already running trains.[4]


A trial passenger service was launched on 13 November 2012, ahead of the full service planned for 9 December 2012.[5] The full service was delayed until 18 January due to technical problems with the trainsets.[6] The company runs 9 trains daily between Prague and Bohumín, calling at Olomouc and Ostrava.[7] There are three classes available for passengers: Economy, Business and Premium.[8]


LEO Express took delivery of five Stadler FLIRT IC units five-car electric multiple units.[4] The first was handed over to LEO Express on 5 February 2012.[9] The trains have on-board wifi.[10]


In the half of April 2014 the company announced a plan to run from in cooperation with Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko trains between Prague and Košice (from December 2014).[11]


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