Leo Valdez

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Leo Valdez
The Heroes of Olympus character
First appearance The Lost Hero
Gender Male
Species Demigod
Immortal Parent Hephaestus
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Weapon(s) Magical tool belt & fire ability

Leo Valdez is one of the main protagonists of Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus series. He first appears in The Lost Hero where he is a fifteen year-old demigod of indeterminate parentage who attends the Wilderness School, a boarding school for "bad kids."

After an attack by a group of storm spirits, Leo learns that he and his friends, Jason Grace Son of Jupiter and Piper McLean Daughter of Aphrodite, are demigods. The three of them are then escorted to the demigod sanctuary of Camp Half-Blood. He is soon claimed by Hephaestus upon arriving.


In the novels, Leo is the demigod son of the god, Hephaestus, and Esperanza Valdez. He grew up in Houston with Tia Callida as his baby-sitter, whom he later discovers to be Hera. The book The Lost Hero explains how Hera tried to 'train' Leo many times while babysitting him, such as when she lets Leo play with knives.

When Leo was eight he encountered a sleeping woman dressed in earthen robes, who he will later learn to be Gaea. She locked his mother inside the machine shop while Leo was in another room. After Gaea approaches him, she tricks Leo into setting the building on fire killing his mother, so that he will remember this when Hera asks him to face her. However, this just imparts a fierce desire for revenge in him. Leo's relatives would not take him in after his mother's death and he was sent to numerous foster homes which he always ran away from.

It is also revealed in the Mark of Athena that he is the great-grandson of Hazel Levesque's past boyfriend, Sammy Valdez. Leo also has the unique power of giving rise to fire. He is the only living son of Hephaestus to be able to generate fire after several centuries. Leo is the best friend of Piper Mclean and Jason Grace.

Leo Valdez is the most comical character in the series [The Heroes of Olympus ] . It states that he is super ADHD and loves to build.He help fix a mechanical dragon that he named Festus. Leo has a hard time figuring out if he belongs with the 7 demigods. When he meets Nemesis the goddess of enemies and sadness so she tries to make L eo feel bad and that he does not belong . So Leo does a funny thing , he takes a marker and writes (TEAM LEO) on his shirt and arms. :D

The Heroes of Olympus[edit]

The Lost Hero[edit]

Leo makes his very first appearance in the novel The Lost Hero as a student at the Wilderness School, a boarding school for troublemakers, on his way to the Grand Canyon with his friends, Jason Grace, and Piper McLean. Leo believes Jason to be his best friend, but later discovers that this was a fake memory manipulated by a mind altering substance called "the Mist".

After getting attacked by a group of storm spirits, Leo, Jason, and Piper are escorted to Camp Half-Blood, where Leo is claimed as the son of the Greek god Hephaestus. He embarks on a quest to save Hera with Jason and Piper after Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the current Oracle of Delphi, gives Jason a prophecy that advises him to choose Leo and Piper as his companions.

Leo is one of the few people that have met Gaea in person, although he was very young, he met her in a sleeping state. Gaea made him kill his mother, although Leo only intended on letting her out, Gaea did not.

The Son of Neptune[edit]

He is seen during Percy's dreams of the construction of Argo II, and also briefly seen towards the end of The Son of Neptune when he sends a video message to Percy on a piece of parchment. In The Son of Neptune, at the very end of the story Leo shows up on a parchment video delivered by the Harpy Ella and Percy's brother Tyson, a Cyclops. Percy Jackson's best friends from camp Jupiter are Hazel and Frank.

The Mark of Athena[edit]

In the first chapter, as read by Rick Riordan during his tour for The Serpents Shadow, Leo is mentioned. He is at the helm of the ship, which uses a variety of controls, including a Wii controller. Leo does have a point of view after Annabeth.

Leo and Hazel go to the Great Salt Lake to get lime and celestial bronze for Leo's ship the Argo II. They dig some lime up, and Leo catches Hazel's eye. Hazel looks away and says he is so much like . . . "Sammy?" Leo guesses. Earlier in the book, Frank Zhang had already asked if Leo's name was Sammy. Leo and Hazel happen upon Nemesis, who gives Leo a fortune cookie, and says he will need an answer soon, that the cookie will provide, but the price is great. Leo doesn't want it, but Nemesis urges, and he reluctantly puts it in his pocket. Leo and Hazel then meet Echo, a nymph who was cursed by Hera. Echo leads them to Narcissus, another cursed person by the gods. Leo sees that Narcissus has the sheet of bronze he needs for his ship, so he and Hazel trick him and take it. Leo tells Echo to come with them, as a crowd of angry nymphs are coming toward them, but Echo stays behind, insisting she can save Narcissus. She kisses Leo on the cheek, and then he and Hazel ride away on Arion, back to the Argo II.

In an earlier part of the book, Leo is controlled by Gaea (Mother Earth)'s Eiodolon, and tries to destroy Camp Jupiter. Piper McLean soon charmspeaks the Eiodolon to leave Leo's body.

Leo and Hazel go in a "flashback" together, and learn that he is the great grandson of Sammy Valdez. When Leo, Hazel, and Frank are underground, Leo needs to know some numbers so he cracks open Nemesis' cookie to get the code for spheres made by the ancient Greek mathematician Archemides which then destroy three eidolons which had previously held Hazel and Frank hostage, and Leo. At the end of the book, when Annabeth and Percy fall into Tartarus, Leo blames himself because he opened the fortune cookie. His words "We've got some friends to save," speaking of Percy and Annabeth, end the book.

The House of Hades[edit]

Leo narrates in this book. Leo has a very touching time in the book when he is stranded on Calypso's island, Ogygia. He then swears on the River Styx that he will eventually come back to her. Leo finally doesn't have any romantic feelings about Hazel and Frank is glad. But his thoughts are more distant now, and the crew is worried about what happened to him while he was stranded. Leo and Jason both have an important part in the prophecy, "to storm, or fire, the world must fall." Piper figured out what that line probably meant. She announces that Leo or Jason will stop Gaea and the other one dies.

Physical appearance[edit]

In the novel Leo is described as looking like a "Latino Santa's elf," with curly black hair, dark "wild" brown eyes, pointy ears, a cheerful face, and a mischievous smile. His hands are described as having "long, nimble fingers." He is of normal height, with a slim build, often called "scrawny." He also appears to look exactly like Sammy Valdez, Hazel Levesque's past boyfriend, as he is Sammy's great grandson.


The novel describes Valdez as appearing to be impatient, often seen fiddling with mechanical bits and pieces when he is nervous or bored, quickly constructing various objects and disassembling them just as fast. Leo is normally seen as a cheerful person, who enjoys playing pranks on others and flirting with girls. Despite his normally happy appearance, Leo is emotionally scarred by the loss of his mother, whose death he inadvertently caused. According to Annabeth Chase, Leo uses humour and jokes as a defensive point to forget his grief and pain of the past and to handle situations. It is said in the Mark of Athena that Leo gets carsick easily. Leo is also a very humorous person. When he found out that Jason lost his memories, he told Jason that he will reuse the old jokes all over again.

Powers and abilities[edit]

As the son of Hephaestus, the god of fire, mechanics and blacksmiths, Leo has a gift for repairing and building almost anything. Other than Charles Beckendorf, who first appeared in the Percy Jackson series, he is the only camper at Camp Half-Blood who is able to control Festus, a life-size bronze dragon. In The Lost Hero, Festus crashes and is unfixable. His head is used as the front of the Argo II. He is able to control any kind of mechanical device without previous knowledge of the subject, such as flying a helicopter just by touching it. Leo is also the only living son of Hephaestus who is able to control and manipulate fire. Children of Hephaestus with this ability are generally thought of as bad omens due to the fact that the most recent of Hephaestus's children to have this ability, Thomas Faynor, burned down nearly all of London when using his powers. When Leo exhibits extreme feelings, his body temperature rises. This almost caused him to fall off a mountain when he melted the bridge to Aeolus' palace in The Lost Hero. Also, he used to be disliked by Frank Zhang because his fire-wielding abilities are a danger to the piece of firewood that sustains Frank's life, But later when Leo provides Frank with a fireproof pouch, they become friends.[1]

Tool belt[edit]

In the novels, Leo has a special tool belt, which appears to be quite ordinary. Whenever needed, Leo has the power to pull out any average tool that comes to his mind. His tool belt is limited to everyday tools, as the belt is incapable of producing magic items. Also, the belt cannot produce any extremely large items. A lack of concentration can cause the belt to produce weak tools- such as breath mints. The larger the item, the longer the belt's resting time is. He can also stick items in which he obtained from elsewhere into the belt for storage and retrieve them later (e.g., his Wii controller, which is part of his complicated controls for the Argo II).


The character of Leo received highly positive reactions from fans. Most of the fans lauded Leo for his humor.

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