Leofgar of Hereford

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For the early 11th century bishop of Lichfield, see Leofgar.
Bishop of Hereford
Diocese Diocese of Hereford
Appointed before March 1056
Term ended 16 June 1056
Predecessor Æthelstan
Successor Ealdred
Consecration March 1056
Personal details
Died 16 June 1056
Denomination Catholic

Leofgar (or Leovegard; died 1056) was a medieval Bishop of Hereford.

Leofgar was consecrated in March 1056.[1] He had previously been the chaplain to Harold Godwineson,[2] and it was probably Harold who persuaded King Edward the Confessor to appoint him to the bishopric. The appointment was disapproved of by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, mainly for the warlike character of Leofgar. However, because of the Welsh raids, and the damage the diocese had taken in the previous year, it was felt that a more martial man was needed to help protect the area.[3] Significantly, while a bishop he retained his mustache, a symbol of a warrior.[4]

Leofgar was killed by Gruffydd ap Llywelyn[5] on 16 June 1056[1] at Glasbury-on-Wye during a battle with the Welsh.[3] Along with Leofgar, a large number of English were killed, which set back the English efforts to pacify the Welsh frontier.[6][7] After Leofgar's death, the diocese of Hereford was administered by Ealdred, who was Bishop of Worcester, until Walter of Lorraine was elected in 1060.[8]


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