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Leonard Rose
Born 1959 (age 54–55)
Elkton, Maryland
Other names Terminus
Criminal penalty
12 month and 1 day prison sentence[1][2]
Conviction(s) (2) counts of wire fraud, stemming from publishing an article in Phrack Magazine. .[3]

Leonard Rose 1959 (age 54–55) was in 1991 convicted of (2) counts of wire fraud stemming from publishing an article in Phrack Magazine.[3] More specifically the U.S. Attorney's Office in Baltimore stated that he stole Unix source code from AT&T and distributed two Trojan Horse programs designed to allow for unauthorized access to computer systems. Incidents occurred between May, 1988 and January, 1990, according to the indictment.[4]


A Middletown, Maryland man known as "Terminus" (Leonard was the original "Terminus".) was swept up in 1989 in the nationwide witchhunt known as Operation Sundevil. This nationwide witch hunt was the genesis for the founding of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organization co-founded by Mitch Kapor (Lotus 123), John Gilmore, and several others. Leonard was accused of being the mastermind of the Legion of Doom hacking group (The nationwide group of Unix computer buffs pioneered the hacking into the nation's telephone networks.), was given a 15-count indictment for writing brute-force dictionary attack software, making "trojan-horse" modifications to login.c source code, among other things. These charges all stemmed from an article he wrote for Phrack Magazine about Trojan Horses. This article contained 20-lines of C source code (an excerpt of login.c) in which he demonstrated how logins and passwords could be collected. Thanks to the Federal Government's efforts (in which they demonstrated they would not leave him alone) to bar him from working and after losing his home, his business, and most of his possessions, as well as being repeatedly arrested and jailed he eventually accepted a plea-bargain which led to his being sentenced to one year and one day.

He pleaded not guilty to two counts of computer fraud and three counts of interstate transportation of stolen property[1][5] but was given a 12 month and one day jail sentence.[1][2]

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