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Leonid Klimov

Leonid Mykhailovych Klimov (born March 31, 1953) is a Ukrainian parliamentary, banker, and statesman. He is a member of the Party of Regions in Verkhovna Rada (from November, 2007) and the member of the Committee on National Security and Defense (from December, 2007). He is also a member of the Party of Regions Council and chairman in the Odessa Oblast department of the Party of Regions.


He was born on March 31, 1953 in Makiivka, Donetsk Oblast. He has a wife, Tatiana Yuriivna (b. 1962), who is a housewife, and three children: daughters Daria (1983) and Anastasia (1997) and son, Alex (1994).

He graduated from Odessa Institute of People's Economy in 1979. He was an economist of Product Management and Organization of Food Products.

Timeline of career[edit]


  • 1970–71 – fireman for the municipal fire department of the city of Makiivka.
  • 1971–73 – service in the army.
  • 1973–76 – driver for the Odessa branch of the RAdio-Telegraph Agency for the Cabmin of UkrSSR (RATAU), the Odessa plant of tactically construction vehicles production, and the Regional Tuberculosis Clinic.
  • 1974–79 – student of the Odessa Institute of People's Economy.
  • 1976 – manager of Store #11 of the Odessa Regional office of the Ukrainian Republican Union Sportproducts.
  • 1976–79 – chief of the Instruction Department of the Central District Committee of Lenin's Komsomol of the Ukrainian Peasant's Youth (LKSMU) in the city of Odessa.
  • 1979–80 – instructor of the organizational department for the executive committee of the Odessa City Council of People's Deputies.
  • 1980–82 – acting for the deputy-chief of theVRP, a chief of the trade-producing sector for the Odessa Railroad.
  • 1982–89 – deputy-director and director of the Seaside Produce trade for the Odessa Trade Administration.
  • 1989 – deputy-chief of the Trade Administration for the Odessa Oblast Executive Committee.
  • 1989–90 – chief of service and the general director of the Railroad Association, and chief of the worker's supply department for the Odessa Railroad.
  • 1990–91 – director of the small enterprise "Progress" (Prohres), the city of Odessa.
  • 1991–95 – president of the collective enterprise "Trade house-Seaside Ltd." (Torhovy dim-Prymorya LTD), the city of Оdesa.
  • 1995–2001 – president of the CJSC Financial Group "Seaside" (Prymorya), the city of Оdesa.
  • 2001–02 – president of the CJSC Football Club "Chornomorets".


  • April, 2002 – April, 2006 – People's Deputy of Ukraine (IV Convocation) from electoral district #143 of Odessa Oblast nominated by the political bloc For United Ukraine!, and received 30.35% of votes while competing against 10 other candidates.
  • At the time of the elections – president of the Odessa Bank Union.
  • May–June, 2002 – member of the Party of Regions while also in the political bloc For United Ukraine!.
  • June, 2002 – September, 2005 – authorized representative of bloc Regions of Ukraine.
  • From September, 2005 – authorized representative of the bloc for the political party Regions of Ukraine.
  • June, 2002 – May, 2006 – member of the Banking and Finance Committee.
  • April, 2006 – November, 2007 – People's Deputy of Ukraine (V Convocation) from the Party of Regions, listed as #39.
  • From July, 2006 – member of the Banking and Finance Committee.
  • From May, 2006 – member of the political bloc Party of Regions.
  • From November, 2007 – People's Deputy of Ukraine (VI Convocation) from the Party of Regions, listed as #38.

In the 2012 parliamentary election he was (re)-elected into parliament for Party of Regions after winning (with 48.46%) in single-member districts number 137 (first-past-the-post wins a parliament seat) located in Odessa Oblast.[1][2] In 2014 he joined the parliamentary faction Economic Development.[3]

In the 2014 parliamentary election Klimov was re-elected into parliament again as an independent candidate again in single-member districts number 137; this time with 30.09% of the votes.[4]


Klimov was awarded the Order of Merit III degree (April, 2003).

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