Leonor Oyarzún

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Leonor Oyarzún
Aylwin Oyarzún.jpg
Leonor Oyarzún with her husband Patricio Aylwin, in 2003.
First Lady of Chile
In office
11 March 1990 – 11 March 1994
President Patricio Aylwin
Preceded by Lucía Hiriart
Succeeded by Marta Larraechea
Personal details
Born Leonor Oyarzún Ivanovic
(1922-09-18) September 18, 1922 (age 92)
Temuco, Chile
Nationality Chilean
Political party Christian Democratic Party
Patricio Aylwin (1948–present)
  • Isabel
  • Miguel
  • José Antonio
  • Juan Francisco
  • Mariana
Religion Roman Catholicism

Leonor Oyarzún Ivanovic (born 18 September 1922) was First Lady of Chile and is the wife of former President Patricio Aylwin.

She was born in 1922 in Temuco, the daughter of Manuel Oyarzún Lorca and Ana Ivanovic Roccatagliata. She married Aylwin in 1948 and they have five children: Isabel, Miguel, José Antonio, Juan Francisco and Mariana, who was the Education Minister of Ricardo Lagos' government, and 14 grandchildren (among them, telenovela actress Paz Bascuñán).[1]

As the First Lady, Oyarzún changed in 1990 the Fundación Nacional de Ayuda a la Comunidad (FUNACO) en Integra[disambiguation needed], institution who helps children with extreme poverty. The next year inaugurated the Programa de Promoción de la Mujer (PRODEMU).[2] Her sister Mercedes was married with the politician Hugo Trivelli, both parents of Marcelo Trivelli.[3]