Leonor Tomásia de Távora, 3rd Marquise of Távora

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Leonor Tomásia de Távora
Marquise of Távora
Leonor Távora.JPG
Born 15 March 1700
Died 13 January 1759
Religion Roman Catholicism

Leonor Tomásia de Távora, 3rd Marchioness of Távora (15 March 1700 - 13 January 1759, Lisbon) was a Portuguese noblewoman, most notable for being one of those executed during the Távora affair.


Leonor Tomásia de Távora was born on 15 March 1700 to Luís Bernardo de Távora, 5th Count of São João da Pesqueira, and Ana de Lorena, daughter of Nuno Álvares Pereira de Melo, 1st Duke of Cadaval. She had at least two children with Francisco de Assis de Távora, 3rd Count of Alvor:

  1. Leonor de Almeida Portugal, 4th Marquise of Alorna
  2. Pedro de Almeida Portugal, 3rd Marquis of Alorna
  3. Maria de Almeida Portugal.


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