Lepki language

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Native to Western New Guinea
Region Jayawijaya Kabupaten, Okbibab Kecamatan, on the Sogber River
Native speakers
530  (1991)[1]
(language isolate?)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lpe
Glottolog lepk1238[2]

Lepki is an unclassified Papuan language spoken in Western New Guinea, near the unclassified languages Murkim and Kembra. It is possibly a language isolate, but only a few hundred words have been recorded, in hastily collected word lists.

In 2007, on a Papuan language website, a Mark Donohue reported that,

Murkim [and] Lepki [and] Kembra are, along with a number of other languages, unclassified groups living between the main cordillera and Mt. 6234, in the north of Papua near the PNG border (where 'near' = up to about 6 days' walk). They don't appear to be related to each other, based on wordlists, and they don't appear to show external affiliations.[2]

Hammarström (2010) is of the opinion that the few lexical similarities with Murkim are likely to be loans, and that Lepki should probably be considered a language isolate; he did not have access to any Kembra data.[3]


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