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Lepoglava prison

Lepoglava prison (officially Lepoglava penitentiary, Croatian: Kaznionica u Lepoglavi) is the oldest prison in Croatia. It is located in Lepoglava, Varaždin County, Croatia.


Lepoglava prison was formed in 1854 in a monastery formerly owned by the Pauline Fathers, which was transformed by the authorities into a penitentiary (this order would wait until 2001 for a part of its property there to be returned to the bishopric). The prison was subsequently used by Austro-Hungary, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Independent State of Croatia and Communist Yugoslavia, before its current role as the main penitentiary in the Republic of Croatia.[citation needed]

During the 20th century, the prison was a home for numerous "unwanted" groups[clarification needed] and political prisoners. This occurred during the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918-1941), when Communists and revolutionaries were incarcerated, along with such notables as Tito, Moša Pijade, Rodoljub Čolaković, and Milovan Đilas.[1][2]

The Independent State of Croatia (1941-45) held dissidents at the prison, including Ante Vokić who attempted a coup in 1944. The prison was used to incarcerate and liquidate[clarification needed] over two thousand anti-fascists. Between 1945-91, many ethnic Croat dissidents were imprisoned by the Yugoslav government on a variety of charges. Following WWII, notable prisoners included suspected Axis collaborationists such as Alojzije Stepinac and Ivo Tartaglia. On 5 July 1948, three prisoners, were killed by prison authorities.[why?][how?][3] After the Croatian Spring, prisoners included Šime Đodan, Dražen Budiša, Vlado Gotovac, Marko Veselica, Dobroslav Paraga and Franjo Tuđman. A memorial to the victims was erected in 2005.[1]


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