Les Affaires

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Les Affaires
Les Affaires logo.jpg
Associate editor and publisher in chief, Les Affaires Group Géraldine Martin
Categories Business newspaper
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Sylvain Bédard
Total circulation
(June 2013)
Year founded 1928[2]
Company Transcontinental Media
Country  Canada
Based in Montreal, Quebec
Language French
Website www.lesaffaires.com
ISSN 0229-3404
OCLC number 607494758

Les Affaires is a French language weekly newspaper that publishes 46 issues per year, which was acquired by TC Transcontinental in 1979. It is available on newsstands all across Québec every Saturday. Its headquarters is in Montreal. It is directed by Sylvain Bédard (Vice president, Business Solutions and Publisher Les Affaires Group) and Geraldine Martin (Associate editor and publisher in chief, Les Affaires Group).

Les Affaires help grow the business, professional and financial success of anyone engaged or keenly interested in doing business in Québec, by offering the best business journalism, original platforms to facilitate business development and content that is useful in business management and personal finance.

The content is analytical and practical, with in-depth and relevant articles on management, business strategy and entrepreneurship. The newspaper provide a thorough analysis of a topical issue, instead of just restating it and presenting facts.

In general, the audience is business people, women and men between the ages of 30 and 55.

Les Affaires is available in print and digital editions through Zinio. On the Web, you can find the entire content of the newspaper and more on lesaffaires.com. The site has responsive design to ensure compatibility with the different platforms used by visitors (mobile, tablets, computers, TVs). The brand also has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn company page. Les Affaires also has a division that organizes major events for the business community, and a personal finance magazine Les Affaires Plus.

Les Affaires also published PREMIUM magazine, the perfect tool when it comes to understanding the subject of management. It brings together the very best articles from internationally recognized publications. Halfway between a book and a magazine, PREMIUM takes an in-depth look at the fundamental issues that affect the daily lives of managers and business leaders.

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