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Lesbian Art Project (1977 – 1979) was a participatory art movement founded by Terry Wolverton and Arlene Raven at the Woman's Building in Los Angeles.[1] The pioneering project focused on giving a platform to lesbian and feminist perspectives of participants through performance, art making, salons, workshops and writing.[2] One significant piece of work created during the project was An Oral Herstory of Lesbianism, in 1979, which documented lesbian women and their feelings, views, experiences, and expression.[3]

The Lesbian Art Project was part of an ongoing effort by Arlene Raven, co-founder of the LA Woman's Building, to incorporate lesbian-oriented programming into the Feminist Studio Workshop, which had already launched the Los Angeles League for the Advancement of Lesbianism in the Arts (LALALA) in 1975.[4]

A partial successor to the LAP was the 1980 Great American Lesbian Art Show (GALAS), also at the Woman's Building.[5]

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