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Leslie Earl Simon (August 11, 1900 – October 1983) was a 20th-century American scientist (born 1900),[1] and the author of the book, German Research in World War II: an analysis of the conduct of research. He was Major General, Ordnance Department, U.S. Army, and former Director of the Ballistic Research Laboratories at the Aberdeen Proving Ground military facility in Maryland.

German Research discusses various Nazi secret weapons of World War II, with an emphasis on airplanes, rocketry and the Nazi's research methodology. It was first published in 1947. The book has become a collector's item in Europe since Hergé featured it in the storyline of The Adventures of Tintin comic The Calculus Affair, published in 1956, where it appears on page 23. The book is available, nevertheless, in various versions.

Selected works[edit]

  • Engineer's Manual of Statistical Methods, 1941, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 1-135-12002-1
  • German Research in World War II: an analysis of the conduct of research,, 1947, John Wiley.
  • German Research was also published under the same title in the UK in 1948 by Chapman & Hall, then republished in 1970 as Secret Weapons of the Third Reich: German Research in World War II by Palladin press ISBN 0-87364-227-9, and is scheduled (as of summer 2006) to be reprinted by UK specialty publisher Air Research Publications as Inside Hitler's Weapons Programme: German Research in World War II[2]