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Leslie Vincent (September 6, 1909 — February 1, 2001) was an American actor.

Born in 1909 as Leslie Fullard-Leo, he studied acting at the Royal Academy in London. He appeared in more than 30 films including Forever Amber, In Harm's Way, Destry Rides Again and Paris Underground.

Vincent's family, the Fullard-Leo family, purchased the Palmyra Atoll (except for some minor islets) on August 19, 1922 for $15,000.00 from Henry Ernest Cooper, and established the Palmyra Copra Company. The family was involved, decades later, in a lawsuit with the United States government over ownership of the atoll. The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Fullard-Leo family.


Vincent retired from film and entered the hotel business in Hawaii, where he died on February 1, 2001 in Honolulu, aged 91. He had two brothers, Dudley and Ainsley, also of Honolulu.

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