Lesser Khingan

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The Chinese section of the Lesser Khingan, labeled with its Manchu name (in German transcription), Iljehari-Alin on an 1891 map
Larch taiga on the slopes of Lesser Khingan

Lesser Khingan (Chinese: 小兴安岭; pinyin: Xiǎo Xīng'ān Lǐng; Russian: Малый Хинган, Maly Khingan) is a mountain range in China's Heilongjiang Province and the adjacent parts of Russia's Amur Oblast and Jewish Autonomous Oblast.

In China, the Khingan mountains are divided into the higher and lesser Khingan.The Lesser Khingan mountain range runs roughly from the northwest to the southeast and separates the valley of the Amur (Heilongjiang) River from that of the Nenjiang River. The mountain range then turns toward the east and north-east, entering Russia. The Amur/Heilongjiang, which is a border river, forms a gorge when crossing the mountain range.


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Coordinates: 48°47′30″N 127°12′30″E / 48.79167°N 127.20833°E / 48.79167; 127.20833