Lester W. Smith

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Lester W. Smith
Nationality American
Occupation Game designer

Lester W. Smith is a game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.


Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, Lester Smith, and Timothy Brown of Game Designers' Workshop designed the new game Traveller: 2300 (1986) as an expansion of the original Traveller role-playing game.[1]:58 Smith's game Dark Conspiracy (1991) for GDW used the new "house system" created for the second edition of Twilight: 2000.[1]:60 Smith later left GDW to work at first for TSR and then for Imperium Games.[1]:63 Smith later worked for Ken Whitman's Archangel Entertainment, and then joined Don Perrin in the design of the Sovereign Stone roleplaying game.[1]:351 Timothy Brown, James Ward, Smith, John Danovich, and Sean Everette founded the d20 company Fast Forward Entertainment.[1]:351

Smith and Wolfgang Baur co-designed the Planes of Chaos boxed set.

Smith now works as an educational writer for Houghton Mifflin company, and he is also the president of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.[1]:63


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