Let's Go Collegiate

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Let's Go Collegiate
Let's Go Collegiate FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Produced by Lindsley Parsons
Written by Edmond Kelso (story and screenplay)
Starring Frankie Darro
Marcia Mae Jones
Jackie Moran
Keye Luke
Music by Edward Kay
Harry Tobias (Lyrics)
Cinematography Mack Stengler
Edited by Arthur Roberts
Distributed by Monogram Pictures
Release dates September 12, 1941 (1941-09-12)
Running time 62 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Let's Go Collegiate is a 1941 American musical romantic comedy film directed by Jean Yarbrough.

The film is also known as Farewell to Fame in the United Kingdom.

Plot summary[edit]

Frankie is the coxswain on the rowing team at Rawley University. His friend Tad is a stroke on the crew, president of the Kappa Psi Delta house and conductor of the orchestra. When rehearsing a new piece for a welcoming party dedicated to Bob Terry, a new crewmember, Tad learns that Bob has been drafted to the army and will not be joining the team nor be attending the party. Frankie and Tad don't have the hearts to tell their girlfriends Bess and Midge, who have worked hard to prepare the party, and instead look for a replacement for Bob for the evening. They spot Herk loading a safe onto the bed of a truck. After some convincing, Herk reluctantly accepts the offer to pose as Bob. Herk enjoys the party and flirts with both Bess and Midge. He decides to stay in the house and join the team as Bob, despite his dislike of boats and low I.Q.. Frankie gives Herk seasick pills and eventually his rowing performance improves. To keep Herk on the team, Frankie and Tad tutor him and prep him for school to the point where they themselves start failing. Bess breaks up with Tad and lets hims know that she is going to marry "Bob Terry". Midge breaks up with Frankie.

During the final race, Bess and Midge learns that both of them are engaged to Herk. Instead of giving Herk seasick pills, Frankie gives him moth balls with the result of Herk performing better than ever. After the race, Herk is arrested for bank robbery and Frankie and Tad reunite with their girlfriends.



  • Gale Storm - "Look What You've Done to Me"
  • Jackie Moran, Marcia Mae Jones, Mantan Moreland and Marguerite Whitten - "Let's Do a Little Dreamin'"
  • Gale Storm - "Sweet Sixteen"

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