Let's Love (Melanie C song)

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"Let's Love"
Single by Melanie C
from the album Reason
  • "Living Without You"
  • "Like That"
Released 6 August 2003 (2003-08-06)
Format CD single
Recorded 2003
Length 3:23
Label Virgin
  • Melanie Chisholm
  • Dave Munday
  • Phil Thornalley
  • Phil Thornalley
  • Patrick McCarthy
Melanie C singles chronology
"On the Horizon"
"Let's Love"
"Melt"/"Yeh Yeh Yeh"

"Let's Love" was a Japanese-only release from Melanie C's second album Reason. Released in Japan on 6 August 2003 and written by David Munday, Phil Thornalley and Melanie C, the single featured an instrumental of the track and two b-sides. The song was on a car advert for six months in Asia and also Australia for Toyota, and then a single was exclusively released in Japan. "Let's Love" had no music video. Pressings are very rare and sell high second hand.

Format and track listing[edit]

This is the format and track listing of the major single release of "Let's Love".

Japanese CD

  1. "Let's Love" - 3:23
  2. "Like That" - 3:09
  3. "Living Without You" - 4:06
  4. "Let's Love" (Instrumental) - 3:23

Official versions[edit]

  • "Let's Love" - 3:23
  • "Let's Love" (Instrumental) - 3:23

Live performances[edit]

Melanie C performed the song on the following concert tours:

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