Let It Bee

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Let It Bee
Studio album by Voice of the Beehive
Released 19 June 1988 (UK)
Recorded 1987-1988
Genre Alternative rock/Pop
Length 45:03(U.S. version)
Label London Records
Producer Pete Collins
Marvin Etzioni
Hugh Jones
Voice of the Beehive chronology
Let It Bee
Honey Lingers
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]
Robert Christgau A–[2]

Let It Bee is the debut album from alternative rock band Voice of the Beehive. Released in 1988 on London Records, the album earned positive reviews from music crititcs and was a success on U.S. college radio stations. In the UK, the album reached #13 on the album chart in its debut week ending 2 July 1988. The group had their first hit single in the UK with "Don't Call Me Baby", which reached #15 and earned them their first Top 20 placing.

Several singles were issued both before and after the release of the album. Let It Bee contained two bonus tracks on the U.S. edition (they were not listed on the CD cover, but were listed within the text on the CD).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Beat of Love" (Tracey Bryn, Brad Nack, temptation rap by Melissa Brooke) - 4:02
  2. "Sorrow Floats" (Bryn) - 4:16
  3. "Don't Call Me Baby" (Bryn, Mike Jones) - 3:05
  4. "Man in the Moon" (Bryn, Brooke) - 3:12
  5. "What You Have Is Enough" (Bryn) - 2:33
  6. "Oh Love" (Brooke, Jones) - 2:58
  7. "I Walk the Earth" (Nack) - 3:40
  8. "Trust Me" (Bryn) - 3:17
  9. "I Say Nothing" (Bryn, Jones) - 3:24
  10. "There's a Barbarian in the Back of My Car" (Bryn, Zodiac Mindwarp) - 2:35
  11. "Just a City" (Bryn, Jones) - 4:26
  12. "This Weak" (Bryn, Jones) (bonus track, U.S. only) - 3:14
  13. "Jesus" (Lou Reed) (bonus track, U.S. only) - 3:24


  • 1987 "Just a City"
  • 1987 "I Say Nothing" #45 UK
  • 1988 "I Walk the Earth" #42 UK
  • 1988 "Don't Call Me Baby" #15 UK
  • 1988 "I Say Nothing" (re-issue) #22 UK, #11 U.S. Modern Rock Tracks
  • 1988 "I Walk the Earth" (re-issue) #46 UK
  • 1988 "Man in the Moon" #93 UK


The band[edit]

  • Tracey Bryn — Vocals and guitar
  • Melissa Brooke Belland — Vocals
  • Mike Jones — Guitars, vocals, keyboards, and keyboard programming
  • Martin Brett — Bass guitar and piano
  • D. M. Woodgate — Drums, percussion, triggers, and keyboard programming

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Henrick — Keyboards
  • Dave Swarbrick — Fiddle
  • The Kick — Horns, Ladbroke Grove Man on "The Beat of Love" intro
  • Marvin Etzioni — Mandolin, piano


  • Pete Collins — "The Beat of Love", "Sorrow Floats", "Don't Call Me Baby", "Man in the Moon", "I Walk the Earth", "Trust Me", "I Say Nothing"
  • Hugh Jones — "Just a City", "There's a Barbarian in the Back of My Car", "What You Have Is Enough"
  • Marvin Etzioni — "Oh Love"
  • Mike Jones — "This Weak", "Jesus"


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